Karmic Love Is Beautiful, But Painful: Phases Of A Twin Flame Relationship By consciousreminder


June 19, 2017


by Linda Goodman

AS WE ALL KNOW A Twin flame relationship is not all ‘perfect’, as one might expect, especially in the beginning (usually a few years)

After reading or hearing about twin-flames and their perfectly balanced energies, many people think it would be like a fairy tale, the you-find-your-twin flame-and-live-happily-ever-after kind of thing.

It is not.

It is a perfect relationship, but it needs some work from both the partners.

After having been separated from each other literally millions of years ago, both twin-flames(of all souls) went through a lot of pain and suffering… and gathered negative emotions in the process.
These take a while to get sorted. And this can be difficult at times.
But you’ll get through it… Love will take you there… And then the world is your canvas and you’re the painters… Together, in love, harmony, in Eternal Bliss

There are, as I see It, Five main phases of a twin flame relationship. Everyone understands the twin flame relationship differently… and there are no clear timelines or specific periods for any of these phases.

Each differs for every twin flame couple. I’m giving you this information so that you can understand this relationship better. There are no rules. And there is no One-size-fits-all in a Twin flame relationship.

Each relationship will be unique, just like each couple.

Having said that, Here are the 5 main phases that usually resonate with all twin flames in some way.

:: Phase One – The Preparation

This phase comes BEFORE you meet your twin flame.
But I’m counting it as one of the phases as It is very much a part of your Twin flame relationship.

What happens in this phase –

– Karmic Relationships
There are one or few seriously devastating relationships. These begin with strong emotions and end painfully. These are called Karmic relationships.

– Emptiness and Strong desire for ‘The One’
After you’ve been through the Karmic relationships, you’ll have a very deep yearning or desire to find ‘The One’.
At this point you will desire meeting your perfect love, whose image you will carry in your imagination (or in some cases in Dreams).
This Image is of your Twin flame, although you probably won’t realize it at this point.
This happens because your soul knows your Twin flame is coming!

:: Phase Two – The Meeting – A Glimpse Of Heaven

This is the phase when you meet your twinflame for the first time (in this incarnation).
You might try to resist at this point but you will fall for him/her anyway.
Then comes a short period of ‘perfection’.
This is what I like to call A Glimpse of Heaven

What happens In this Phase –

– The first meeting
You’ll meet your twinflame in unusual circumstances or at some unexpected place.
[A place where you would not expect meeting your life partner/soulmate]
You’ll find this person somehow ‘special’ at this point. Even though you might not even think of them as a partner.

– The initial attraction
You’ll soon find yourself being attracted to your twinflame.
You might not be ready for a relationship (because of the karmic relationships that you’ve been through) and so you might try to resist this attraction.
You’ll fall anyway. Deeply in love.

– A short period of the most ‘Perfect’ relationship that you’ve ever experienced.
After the initial attraction, You’ll find yourself in a deeply romantic relationship.
It will seem perfect in every possible way.
You’ll find all that you want in your partner and much more.

This is what the Twinflame relationship is actually supposed to be like.
And this is what it becomes ( if not better ) after you get through the problems that surface in the next phase.
This short period makes you aware of the perfection of yourself and your twinflame nd brings back the memories that were always deep within you. This makes you want to go through the next phase ( which is a little tough ).
Its like a trailer for what your relationship is going to be in phase four, after the reunion.

:: Phase three – The Dance – Resolving what is known as the Karma

This is the tough one.
It starts after you’ve been in a relationship with your twinflame for a while.
In this phase, all the accumulated negativity and lower emotions come to surface.
This seems difficult to go through at the human level,
but it is actually a truly divine process in which the Twin flames get deeply cleansed with each other’s help.
This lets them achieve higher energy levels so that they can ascend in bliss together.

This is also the phase where both twin flames get spiritually enlightened…
This is when they search and find the spiritual reality.
If you’re currently in a Twinflame relationship, you’re probably in this phase (As This is the period of time when you usually begin finding information on this).

What Happens in this Phase –

– Arguments / Fights
This phase brings many arguments and fights.
This happens because the negativity that each partner is carrying within (usually at a subconscious level) comes to surface.
The twin flame will reflect this like a mirror and so you’ll think its in them, when in reality its in you.
This begins the deep cleansing process.

– The blame game
Each twin flame sees their own negativity and clutter in their twin flame.
Also, deep seated fears and frustrations surface.
So you think Its happening because of the other and start blaming each other.
You consciously might not realize it but this is clearing all your clutter which is a good thing.

– The runner and the Chaser.
The arguments and the Blaming causes a lot of confusion (because usually the spiritual process is not understood by the conscious mind, as we are conditioned to trust logic more that feeling)

One twin flame, at this point, takes the role of the ‘Runner’ (which is usually the man)
The Runner tries to avoid the partner and runaway from the relationship.
This happens because the runner doesn’t consciously know what is going on and feels like he’s losing control.

In our defense system we build up huge walls to protect ourselves THIS HAPPENS AS SOON as we meet someone who will help us to repeat our patterns of abuse, abandonment, betrayal, and/or deprivation. his happens because those people feel familiar. Unfortunately in childhood the people whom we trusted the most – were the most familiar – hurt us the most. So the effect is that we keep repeating our patterns and being given the reminder that it is not safe to trust ourselves or other people.

The other twin flame, now, becomes what I call the ‘Chaser’ (usually the woman)
The Chaser is spiritually more aware than the runner at some level and tries to ‘chase’ or ‘run after’ the runner.

The chaser usually wants some sort of commitment at this point. This happens as the chaser subconsciously or consciously wants to get over with this tough phase so that both of them can reunite.

The Chaser is deeply shocked and hurt by the ‘running’ and unexpected behavior of the Runner.

This is when they feel the need to understand what really is happening and so they start searching or reading about it.

This usually leads to the enlightenment of the Chaser.

The Runner becomes spiritually enlightened too, either through the chaser’s conscious effort, Or by receiving a ‘Soul Shock’ when the Chaser gives up and goes away from the Runner Twin-flame.

The Phase gets stretched longer the more the Runner runs.
Ultimately, the runner does return and the Karma is finally fully resolved.

:: Phase Four – The Reunion

This is the phase of the reunion.
This is when the split soul becomes One again.
This happens first at the level of the soul and then in the physical plane (Yes, that’s when you get married, unless, as in rare cases your physical reunion is not a part of the plan)

The reunion happens when both the partners are fully aware of the spiritual reality.

:: Phase Five – Eternal Bliss – Being LOVE

This is the ‘Happily Ever After’ Phase.
Both Twinflames will be fully spiritually aware and enlightened at this time.
There is perfect love and harmony.
The twinflames now enjoy their Sacred love and Intimacy,
and have the power to create whatever they can imagine…

The world truly becomes their canvas… And they paint it with the colors of Love.

At the end of their journey on Earth, They ascend together…
And go on to experience more…
just like they always have…
In other worlds and other planets… In this universe and beyond…
Together, In love, joy, and Peace
Together, In Eternal Bliss…

You Can’t Screw Up the Relationship with your Twin Flame via Kate Rose


“Chaos isn’t always pretty, but it is necessary for change.” ~ Kate Rose


It seems that we often confuse amazing and easy.

We run from chaos and then wonder why mediocrity bores us—yet, in terms of love, the twin flame connection will ruin you from the outside in so that you might begin fulfilling your soul contract.

In this life, we all start off on the path that we think we should be on; but, in truth, sometimes that differs greatly from where our souls are supposed to be. We make choices based on our upbringing and familial conditioning, never pausing to consider if we are following our own hearts or the expectations of those closest to us.

That is where twin flames enter our lives.

These types of soul contracts arise with the purpose of upsetting the status quo so that we might be redirected on the path of our hearts. This means they will ruin relationships, marriages, careers—essentially anything and everything that keeps us small.

Twin flames don’t reunite instantly, because the love and relationships they find themselves in are actually byproducts of the actual growth and journey that is the entire purpose of the union. Twins are supposed to trigger one another, bother and upset each other, and cause havoc.

But only because there isn’t any way to become who we are meant to be by remaining who we were.

Many times it seems twins think they’ve messed up their relationship with their counterpart. They think that “not now” is “never,” and that they have done or said the wrong thing, permanently pushing their twin away.

Yet, the reality is that will never occur.

There is no way to truly screw up and lose a twin flame connection, even if, at times, it may feel that way. Twins often need to travel through the beginning phases of awakening and ascension alone, and so there may be long breaks in the journey, hurtful words, and triggered egos but there will never be a way to truly ruin the sacred union between these two.

This means that not only will everything happen in divine timing, but also that we can’t ever really mess up what is meant for us. Sometimes it’s hard to believe that there is an ultimate plan for each one of us, possibly one that has been arranged prior to coming to Earth in this lifetime.

Yet, it’s only our fear of greatness that holds us back from realizing our own.

In twin flame dynamics, it’s supposed to be rocky. The runner is supposed to leave multiple times, and the chaser is supposed to feel abandoned—unless these souls move through these specific dynamics there is ultimately no way that they will be triggered enough to engage in the overall process of ascension and vibrational alignment.

But, we are sold the false belief that twins aren’t supposed to reunite in this lifetime when things get difficult or they separate—yet that is only one side that is published and discussed by twins who haven’t yet begun the reuniting phase.

The reality is that if twins venture far enough together to begin ascension and the actual phase of runner and chaser, then they are, in fact, meant to join in this lifetime—as that is the entire purpose of the stages and subsequent journey that they will embark on.

They aren’t just here to develop on their own, they are here to awaken, to raise their consciousness, and to learn to practice and embody unconditional love, which is the highest vibration of God’s energy. Twins are meant to join in this life to help encourage others around them. The more twins that reunite, the higher the consciousness of the planet is raised—and, then, also changed.

To say that twins aren’t meant to join in this lifetime is a feeling of helplessness at the apparent lack of control of the connection. But, this is only felt when we try to rationalize and use logic as we would with a relationship based more in the physical world than the spiritual.

Twin flames aren’t from this three-dimensional physical world, and so they have to be approached differently.

One twin will treat the other awfully at times; they will project and even run. They will blame their twin for their inability to stay asleep and forget that the universe is tapping them on the shoulder to awaken. When this happens, it becomes easier to say that it’s not meant to be, or even that perhaps this person in our lives isn’t our twin.

All this accomplishes, though, is demonstrating the readiness of the twin that feels wounded and perpetuates the status of the victim.

As long as the chaser still feels wounded by the runner’s behavior, then they are not yet ready to practice unconditional love for their twin. One of the purposes of the falling apart and together is not only to trigger so that they might move through the stages of soul development, but also to test and learn how to build unconditional love toward one another.

Yet, instead of seeing it as this, we become hard on ourselves.

We sink into despair; we think that we’ve ruined this sacred union for all time, and that somehow we have messed up our destiny. The important thing to remember, though, is that we can’t change fate; we can battle it, run from it, and ignore it, but, in the end, what was destined to be will always be—even if it’s in spite of ourselves.

Twin flames are going to be reuniting more and more throughout this year and the coming five years as part of the general awakening of the planet. We need them to, as there is no other way to shift the consciousness of this planet.

It’s a love that truly can change the world, which is also why it’s meant to be—no matter what we do.


Author: Kate Rose
Image: Instagram/www.awaudrey.com
Editor: Leah Sugerman

New Algorithms, Enhanced Dynamics, Electronic Cells and Super Quantum Circuitry Upgrades by Lisa Transcendence Brown



This entire last week, and especially the last 2 days, we’ve entered frequencies never before experienced here. It’s been interesting to observe, because of how they are affecting the physical body through the upgrade process.

These mega-high wattage volts of current running through our bodies cause the body to go weak when it needs to do these processes….

These last few months of moving out of the final stages of a linear body to a non-linear means that continual re-configuration processes are always occurring with these enhanced dynamics and algorithms being embedded into our physical body templates… becoming a Super Conductor/Computer over these last many years… this takes us further with that.

Moving from old outdated circuitry (linear) to Quantum Circuitry, we now have the capacity to function with Electronic Cells (new abilities). How we process will again adapt with enhanced algorithms making it easier for us to process larger data streams and higher amounts of electrical-stimulating-energy through our physical body.

Our enhanced Crystalline/Christed StarGate/ Body-Field Systems are undergoing continual re-alignments that take us offline more often, yet make existence so much simpler and easier, because it enhances our abilities to function multi-dimensionally simultaneously with even less effort, once each process is complete. The challenge is “during the whole body-field alignments” processes, because we have to further adapt how our days/lives now function too.

This last week was online two days, offline 2 days, online 1 day, offline today… Online for a few hours in the mornings, back offline again….

This reminds me of this last January when we and Gaia were loading new schematics into our physical body templates. it was challenging until we completed the process on February 6th. Guess we will see how long this huge integration process takes. Update as I go through it and know. ♥

Honor your body and you. Lots of loving care… utilize your productive energy or it will be overwhelming when your body doesn’t get what it needs to do all this important cellular intelligence and regeneration work for you! ♥

Lisa Transcendence Brown ☼

Card For Today

I Have Control of the Vibrations I Offer

Our card for today, Tuesday, June 6th, is taken from the Getting into the Vortex Cards – I Have Control of the Vibration I Offer – “Once you begin to believe or expect good-feeling things to come – you’re in the Vortex. And once you get in there, now you are a cooperative component. Now you get to rendezvous with all of the good stuff that you have put there, and you can train yourself there – you can do it in a day. You have control of everything that rendezvouses with you when you get control of the Vibration that you offer, and you get control of the Vibration that you offer when you care about how you feel.”

Many feel that we have no control of how we feel, that what we feel is what we feel and there isn’t much we can do to change that. To some extent that may be true when something bad happens and we feel sad or angry by it. However we don’t have to wallow in those lower vibration emotions. Yes we need to grieve the loss of a loved one and no one will deny that, but the lower vibration emotions that accompany random things that happen to us in the run of a day can be controlled. We get to choose how we will respond to the things we see, the things we hear, and the things that happen to us. We can let them make us sad or angry or frustrated or fearful, or we can step back and be the observer and send love, light and blessings to the situation and the people involved.

One way to change how we feel about something is to try what Matt Khan teaches in his videos on his Youtube channel “True Divine Nature”. When we feel something other than a positive emotion, we can place our hand on our heart and say “I love you”, and we keep repeating the “I love you” until we feel better. It does work because I have tried this myself. Matt also bases his teachings on loving the one who feels the negative emotion, for example, if you feel angry about something that happened, instead of beating yourself up for feeling that anger, place your hand on your heart and say “I love you” and again repeat as often as necessary. I haven’t read his book yet but the title is “Whatever Arises Love That” and that is what he is referring to, whatever arises in us, we need to recognize that it is something that needs to be loved. Saying the “I love you” helps us to feel better almost instantly no matter what it is we are feeling at the moment.

This is a great way to turn our emotions around from something negative and lower in vibration to something positive and higher in vibration. It may sound too simple but I suggest you give it a try the next time you feel in a bad mood or angry or sad. Or as we have learned before, we can change a negative or lower vibration thought into a better feeling thought and that will accomplish the same thing, helping us feel better. So these are a couple of sure fire ways to help get us into the Vortex so we can begin to receive all the wonderful things awaiting us there.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Carolyn & Company

Artwork taken from the Getting into the Vortex Cards, I Have Control of the Vibration I Offer.

Card For Today

If You Get Nervous

Our card for today, Monday, June 5th, is taken from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards – If You Get Nervous, Focus on Service – “Put your entire intention on answering the question “How can I make the world a better place?” and the Law of Attraction will automatically take care of your needs.”

We are being called into service to help humanity with this ascension process. Many are waking up now and many don’t know which way to turn. We are being asked to shine our light for all to see so that we can help lead people back into the remembrance of who they truly are as beloved children of God. Our service can take the form of teaching or healing, or it can be something that would seem small like just sending blessings to all beings, or lending a helping hand where it is needed, or even just a kind word to a stranger. Every act of kindness, compassion and love is indeed changing the world one person at a time. For those who are feeling called to do something like teaching or healing, feelings of inadequacy often come up. What this card is telling us is that if we keep our focus on service, then our nervousness will be lessened.

I have been listening to Matt Kahn again lately. He was talking in one video about service and how the universe is an abundant place. The issue we see playing out is the matter of distribution. So it is our role to help get things to those who need them, and this isn’t only material things like food and clothing, it’s also the intangible things like love that need to be shared as well. And he said it doesn’t take spending money we don’t have, or giving things we need ourselves, it means doing little things like buying and putting a can of food in a bin for a food bank at the grocery store like we have here, or going through our closets and cupboards and donating to charity things we don’t need or use anymore. Or we can devote some time to a charity that we like. Whatever it is that works for you, do that.

So being in service doesn’t require us to sell everything we own and move to Africa, even though some will be called to do that, but we can do little things that will in turn make a big difference in someone’s life. We become masters of love and compassion when we take our focus off ourselves and focus on how we can be of service. When our focus is on service, the universe will give us what we need to do whatever it is we are being called to do, as long as we have faith and trust that the universe is indeed an abundant place.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Carolyn & Company

Artwork taken from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards, If You Get Nervous, Focus on Service.




Jelelle Awen – It feels like a labor process is going on for Humanity as a collective and on an individual basis too with tightness, pain, and birth contractions, then bursts of joy, relief, soul bigness expression, and love. This is a messy process, as all births are……it can be like riding an edge of near devastating loss WHILE experiencing opening vistas of deepening love for self and with others. Letting go while you are letting in and the seemingly paradoxical feelings that come up from the emotional body as this is navigated.

There is a necessary gestation period, a necessary cocooning, within the awakening process. This is a time of growing and learning, becoming more aware and conscious about 3D life and the limits it has placed on your consciousness. This may happen mostly on a mental level for a phase of time, where you are finding new resources offering a picture that is an expansion beyond what you have been conditioned to believe about reality from your 3D cultural indoctrination called ‘School.” Your curiosity grows as your mind expands into the Infinite Possibilities that arise when the ceiling of five sense perception is lifted.

Then, your awakening moves into more personal grounds as your desires to end suffering and experience more love grow. There is much at stake then, in a deeply personal way, as the old timelines begin to collapse and new ones come into BEing that are fueled by your heart and soul desires for a life of authenticity, service to love, and BEing YOU.

What is at stake is the reality that parts of you have created and the rumbling caused by the question of, “Is this an expression of my soul or is it not?” What is at stake are relationships and whether they will go deeper into arising grounds of soul, heart, and mind connection or whether they will complete. What is at stake are previous means of livelihood that required you to shrink your soul reason and purpose for BEing here. What is at stake is comfortable geographies and living situations that keep you hooked into frequencies that you are outgrowing as a soul.

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It, then, is a phase of letting go, as you feel what has been previously comfortable and safe begins to feel more and more confining to your Soul Self. The energies being offered by Divine Source are wanting to facilitate the birthing of the NEW you and the letting go of the OLD in ALL areas of life. This invitation is meant to manifest for you in a REAL and tangible way……in the physical, in the mental, in the emotional, in the spiritual, in the financial, in the environmental areas of your life. What has been put into or related to from a compartment becomes flooded by the catalytic waters of love. In this flood, you do not drown but rather learn to float, learn to surrender, learn to get used to the sensation of moving waters.

Your gestation period may be coming to completion. You are birthing a NEW you into a NEW world even while the OLD one may be collapsing around you. This can be a very intense experience and, in moments, can feel almost unbearable to navigate for parts of you as the world they have known is falling down. The sense of love with yourself, with others who are in soul resonance with you, and with the Divine offers support during this transition. Connecting and holding space for the reactions that come up in the emotional body allows for moving through and digestion. These love frequencies with self and others become the midwife of your butterfly self who has left the cocoon behind in order to soar the skies of a reality with Infinite Love possibilities!

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Jelelle Awen is an emoto-spiritual teacher, sacred feminine and union facilitator, soul scribe, waySHOWer, galactic love ambassador, and co-creator and teacher of the SoulFullHeart Way Of Life. She is author of  Keep Waking Up! Awakening Journeys To Avalon And Beyond and an upcoming book to be released on June 1st, Sacred Human, Arising Wonder. Visit soulfullheartwayoflife.com for more information about space holding sessions, group calls, videos, community, etc.