Reading For The Week

Okay everyone, here is our reading for the week. I apologize for not getting this out last night as I usually do the reading for the week on Sunday night, but I have some things going on in my own life right now that don’t always allow me the opportunity to get everything done that I want to do.

Card 1 – Five of Air – This card represents the people in our lives, our loved ones, our families, friends and co-workers. As we interact with others, we need to be aware of their motives and expectations where we are concerned. I am being told that we are being observed for our reactions to life events. Five represents change. I feel this means that there are changes ahead in the days to come for all of us and because of the number 5 it is likely to be life changing events. Those around us will be looking to see how we react to these changes in our own lives. Most of us are Lightworkers and therefore we are also on the leading edge of this shift to a higher consciousness. It would serve us well to act as the Lightworkers we are and remain centered and calm in the face of whatever changes we will experience in our own lives . We lead by example. I know it’s not always easy but we can at least give it our best effort.

Card 2 – Two of Water – This card represents relationships. I feel that even though this card actually represents a couple as depicted on the card and by the number 2, I am getting that for this reading we are being asked to work as a team in order to deal with the changes we will be experiencing. We are not meant to face challenges alone, we always have help, so include your partner or a friend/s when dealing with the changes ahead. Remember too to call on your Angels to help you.

Card 3 – The Sun/AA Uriel #19 – This card represents standing strong in your own power. In numerology the number 19 when added together becomes 10 and the number 10 reduces to 1. The number 1 reminds us to be careful with our thoughts as we are creating our future with where we place our focus. We are being asked to wake up and remember who we are as the children of God. As God’s children we are also co-creators with Him in building our new world following the shift which will take place on or around December 21, 2012. The days and weeks between now and then will become increasingly intense and there will be many changes and challenges during this time. Remember to focus on the future and the world we all want to create and share. Let us all stand strong in our Light and let’s be a beacon of Love in the days ahead.

Card 4 – Three of Earth – This card represents our creativity and being a “team player”. This card is aligned with the previous cards and once again reminds us of the co-creating power of our thoughts. We are also being reminded that we can use our creativity to help us find solutions to the challenges that will arise in the days ahead. Facing these challenges and finding creative solutions is best done as a team effort. The number 3 reminds us that we have Ascended Masters around us who are willing to help us if we call on them.

Card 5 – The Lovers/AA Raphael #6 – This card represents our intimate relationships, health and decisions. There are many changes occurring in our relationships at this time, whether that is the ending of relationships or the reworking of the dynamics in a relationship. These changes can often lead to feelings of hurt and betrayal. Call upon AA Raphael to heal those wounds with the power of his healing green light. We can also call upon him to heal any physical discomforts we may be experiencing as a result of the intense energies that are abounding on the earth right now from solar flares and solar or lunar eclipses and so on. Many, including myself, are finding these energies are bringing up painful thoughts and emotions so do ask for the help to heal what you are experiencing. The number 6 in numerology represents our thoughts being out of balance. We are asked to focus on spirit and service and to know that our material and emotional needs will be taken care of as a result. There are many who will need our help in the days and weeks leading up to and following December 21, 2012.

As I was shuffling the deck one card jumped out – Seven of Fire – With this card we are being asked to stand strong in who we are and in our own power. We may come under attack for what we believe in and for who we are. The time has come to drop the pretense and to be our authentic selves, to not allow anyone’s opinions or comments make us feel unworthy or small. We are the warriors of the Light and in being warriors we will be asked to take the lead and help those around us who will need guidance and support in the days ahead.  The number 7 in numerology represents miracles so I feel that whatever challenges we will face in the coming days, we are more than up to the challenge!

Have a great week everyone!

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