Card For The Day

The Card for today is taken from The Romance Angels Oracle Deck – Separation – “Time apart from your partner is on the horizon”. – Now I’m sure that this won’t be looked on as a positive card but often time apart is just what is needed. Many of us who are in a Twin Flame relationship understand that need for this “separation” period as we or our partners need to work on some aspect of ourselves that can’t be done in close proximity to the other. It’s just a fact of the “Twin Flame Dance” leading to reunion. It’s not always easy to be separated from the one we love but I can assure you it’s a necessary component of the relationship.

It is referred to as the Twin Flame Dance because of this coming together to share in our love for each other and then the separation phase for healing, and the coming together again. It’s a cycle that is ultimately leading to our own healing and eventual reunion with our partner. What is most important to remember here though is that you truly can’t be separated as your Twin is always inside you, you are truly one being living in two separate bodies. All that is required is the understanding that this separation is a necessary part of our relationship with our Beloved and to know that this separation is only and always temporary. The love and the bond remain intact.

For those of us with a Twin in Spirit, this “separation”, or inability to feel them or hear them as we are used to doing, can be attributed to the energies around us – such as solar flares resulting in electromagnetic storms or high influxes of light onto our planet. It can create a temporary barrier between us and them. Again it is only temporary and they haven’t gone anywhere. We will sense them again as soon as the energies settle. Just remember to keep the faith and trust in the love we share with them whether physical or spiritual. Have a great day everyone! ~Carolyn~

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