Card For The Day

Our Card for the day, Saturday, December 8, 2012, is taken from The Romance Angels Oracle Cards deck – Attraction – “You attract romantic love by enjoying this moment fully.” My first thought on drawing this card was that it’s one I have drawn not too long ago but the cards don’t lie and the Angels don’t make mistakes.

Just this past week I was told by a very dear friend that being down and negative is NOT drawing the love I seek to me because who truly wants to be with someone who is filled with pain and doubt and fear. We are powerful co-creators but what are we creating by dwelling on the past that is often filled with pain and regret, or living for the future when we hope to be with someone who loves us and will make us happy? It is in being happy in this moment and the next and the next that will attract to us what we most long for. It is in loving ourselves that we bring the love we seek into our lives. We can’t give to someone what we don’t give to ourselves. Find all the things inside you that block the love you need to give to yourself and to others, and release those things to the Angels to be transformed back into the light. It is in healing our wounds and forgiving others, but just as importantly, forgiving ourselves, that we can be love and give love and be open to receive the love we long for by giving it to ourselves first. Have a great day everyone! ~Carolyn~

Artist of this beautiful photo: Unknown


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