Spirit Card Reading For the Week



Spirit Card Reading For the Week

Card 1: The Hermit/AA Raziel # 9 – This card represents spending time in quiet meditation, spiritual teaching and self-discovery. This card is asking us to spend time alone (represented by the Hermit) in quiet meditation. How do we get to know ourselves, who we truly are if our minds are filled with the business of daily living? How can we hear what our Higher Selves, our souls, or even Spirit and the Angels, have to say to us if our minds are filled with our “to do” lists and thoughts of the past or of the future? It is in getting quiet and listening to that still small voice within us that we receive guidance and messages and learn who we truly are and why we are here.

Card 2: Nine of Earth – This card represents enjoying life’s little luxuries, spending quiet time alone, and successful self-employment. seems we have a theme going here so far. This card represents leaving the past behind and becoming fully present in this moment and the next and the next. We can’t change the past and we are creating our futures in our present moments. The present moment is our greatest gift as it contains everything we need right here and right now to be truly happy. Spending time alone in meditation or prayer is what connects us to ourselves, the beautiful beings we truly are and not this person who is scrabbling to make a living. Spending time in meditation connects us with ourselves like nothing else can. Be present now, be happy NOW.

Card 3: The World/AA Michael # 21 – This card represents a job well done; joy, contentment and gratitude; and the path toward enlightenment. We are at the close of this year of change, 2012. We are literally on the brink of a very new era of higher consciousness and fulfillment. This won’t happen just to the people who know about ascension but to ALL people everywhere. We are about to reap the rewards of a long journey and we are ready to step into the new age where life will get easier for all of us. All we are asked to do is to continue to be very clear about what we want to create and to have the faith to know that we are protected (as represented by the AA Michael) and that all will work out just fine.

Card 4: Awakening/AA Gabriel # 12 – This card represents looking at things from a different perspective; a temporary standstill; and it’s important to be yourself. AA Gabriel is a messenger and the message he is giving us this week is to stop and take a look around at what is happening in our individual lives and on a global scale. We are undergoing a lot of changes right now both individually and globally and change can sometimes be frightening. We are being asked to not go into fear but to look at things from a different angle and know that no matter what it looks like right now, there is a higher purpose and a divine plan at work here. This year of 2012 has been about awakening and remembering who and what we are and not what the current rulers of this world would have us believe. Oh you are so much more than what you see when you look in the mirror, you are a grand being of light with more power than you can possibly imagine. It is time to remember that and the only way to do that is to spend time in meditation and go INSIDE yourself. There you will find all you need to know about who you are and why you are here right now on this planet as we get ready to make the transition into a new way of being. The best way to help with this transition is to be yourself, who you truly are, and that is LOVE. Be love, give love, live love because that’s what it is all about.

Card 5: The Emperor/AA Michael # 4 – This card represents organization and logic; structure and discipline; and leadership. Archangel Michael represents strength, protection, self-confidence and courage. We are being asked to go forth this week and be the way-showers we came here to be. We are leading by example as we go through this transition. It would be easy to get caught up in the fear and uncertainty that is being exhibited by those around us who are uncertain as to what is happening in our world and even in their own lives. We are being asked to NOT go into fear ourselves but to be strong and courageous and compassionate, to find that still place within us and live and lead from that place knowing that Love is what is guiding this transition and the chaos being played out on the world stage is only temporary.

I usually only do a 5 card draw for the week but one card jumped the deck so it gets included at the end. That card is the Six of Fire and it represents – victory; good news is on it’s way; and public recognition or awards. The picture on this card is of a warrior coming back from a battle in which he was victorious. There are people greeting him and throwing rose petals in front of his horse. He is battle weary and yet he is smiling. The end of our journeys and battles is almost upon us. We too will be victorious as the Light transforms any remaining darkness. This card is assuring us that victory is ours so keep the faith just a little longer and know we did it, Love will win, it already has!

Have a great week everyone! ~Carolyn~

Artist of the photo: Unknown

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