Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Saturday, December 22, 2012, is the King of Water. This King is trustworthy, compassionate, respected and cultured. This card represents: open your heart and mind to those around you; trustworthy and heartfelt advice; and charity work. The suit of Water represents our emotions especially love. What I feel as I look at this card is a sense of being in unfamiliar waters, or uncharted territory if you will. Even though it may appear on the surface that nothing has changed, everything has changed. From this point forward the energies will grow in intensity and events and changes will begin to occur at a very fast pace. For most of humanity, it will be hard to see through the murky depths and that will make it hard to know in which direction to move. Those of us who are awakened and have some inkling as to what is transpiring, and will transpire in the future as we move into this new era, will also find it hard to get our bearings in this new space. However we are here as beacons of light for those who will have a hard time navigating the brand new energies we are going to be feeling from this point forward. We are being asked to be open, to be in our hearts, to be the love we are, so that we can be compassionate and understanding to those who will need our assistance. We are being asked to be the light in this dark place, as they will perceive it to be. We are being asked to help guide them in the right direction so it will make it easier for them to live and thrive in the times ahead. Let’s be that calm in the midst of the storm and help our brothers and sisters who will be lost and unable to navigate these new waters. Be that being of love and light that you truly are. This show has just begun so remain centered in your hearts, hold onto your hats, fasten your seat belts and enjoy the ride! ~Carolyn~

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