Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Sunday, December 23, 2012, is the Page of Earth. This Page is scholarly, dependable, patient and successful. The suit of Earth represents material matters, making a living, caring for our bodies and caring for Mother Earth. The card itself represents: good news about financial matters; wanting to do something more challenging; and a new area of study. What I feel when I look at this card is that this new age we are now finding ourselves in is still very new and it appears to many as though December 21st came and went and nothing changed. That is because we are seeing with our physical eyes and not with the eyes of our hearts. There is brand new energy coming into this plane of existence that will change everything, every aspect of our lives. That change will not be instantaneous as many had hoped but will occur gradually over the next few years. We have only crossed the threshold into this new space and we are being given time to adjust to the new frequencies or vibrations of energy that our new position in the galaxy is bringing to us. If we were to move too fast into this transition, our physical bodies would not be able to deal with it and would “burn out”. This gradual process is so that we can begin to assimilate these new energies and ground them into Mother Earth to then be available for all of humanity.

All around the beautiful young fairy on this card are sparkling points of energy representing the new energies I am talking about. She is also surrounded by many beautiful flowers that represent abundance that will also soon be ours if we just believe in the process and not fall into disappointment thinking that nothing happened and everything is the same. There are also several butterflies on this card and butterflies represent messages and hope. We will begin to receive messages that will assure us that everything is unfolding according to the Divine Plan and all we need to do is move forward with faith and love. Open your hearts and see through the eyes of love. Sit quietly and tune into the core of your being and I promise you that you will feel the excitement of this new energy and new space we are now moving into. All you have to do is just believe! ~Carolyn~

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