Spirit Card Reading For The New Year, 2013


I thought I would take this time to do a reading for the New Year of 2013. I just want to say a couple of things before I get into the reading. First I changed the name of my Facebook page from Spirit Card Readings by Aurora Star to Spirit Card Reading by Aurora and Light Star. Light Star is my beautiful and beloved Twin Flame who is in spirit. He always helps me with the readings and so it makes sense to include his name on the page. He has a very strong and pure energy, he is very wise and knowledgeable, and, of course, being in spirit he is able to help me access more fully the information the Angels, Ascended Masters and other Beings of Light have for us. Second, I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and myself and my Twin wish you and yours a blessed New Year.

For this reading I am using 2 card decks, the Major Arcana from the Angel Tarot Cards and the Archangel Oracle Cards, both by Doreen Virtue. The Major Arcana represents major life changes and I thought that would be a good focus for this year of even greater change, 2013. The meanings of all the card numbers are taken from Angels 101 also by Doreen Virtue.

Card 1: The Wheel/AA Michael # 10 – This card represents: a time of positive change; a situation suddenly moves forward; and fortune is on your side. In the picture on this card AA Michael stands behind a portal as if waiting for us to step through. He is the Angel of Protection and Strength so he is assuring us that we can now step forth into this new year and new world with confidence and pride in knowing we have made it this far in the ascension process and we will bring it home so to speak. He assures us that we are always loved and protected on each step of our journey. The number 10 reduces to 1 in numerology (1+0=1) and the meaning of the number 1 is: watch your thoughts and only think about your desires instead of your fears, as you will attract what you are thinking about. That is a great message for us as we embark on this new journey into this new year and new world. I have read from a few channeled messages from Ascended Masters that as we move through this year, the energies coming into our reality will speed up the manifestation process from thought to creation. So as we are going to be almost instantaneous creators of our reality, let’s make sure our focus is on the world we want to create for ourselves and for humanity as a whole and not on what we don’t want.

– The second card in this position is: Brilliant Idea!/AA Uriel – This card represents: “Yes, your idea is Divinely guided…please take action to bring your idea to fruition.” This card goes nicely with the previous one in reminding us to focus on what we want to create and to take the appropriate action to manifest it into our reality.

Card 2: Renewal/AA Jeremiel # 20 – This card represents: review and evaluate; a favorable assessment of the facts; and time to move in a new direction. There is never a more perfect time to take stock of our lives, where we are, what we have overcome to get here, and all the good things in our lives, then at the beginning of a brand new year. 2013 is not only a brand new year but it also marks a brand new era which began on the winter solstice of December 21, 2012. This is a time of great change and renewal as we begin to remember who we are and why we are here as individuals and humanity as a whole. What is it we most want to create in this new time and new space? What is nearest and dearest to all of our hearts? Think on it, meditate on it and then let’s all focus and make it our very new and beautiful reality. The number 20 in numerology reduces to 2 (2+0=2). The meaning of the number 2 is: Keep the faith and don’t give up hope. To me this means that the worst is behind us and no matter what presents itself now on the world stage, remember that it is all an illusion and we are going to be okay. Stay focused on the love in our hearts and keep moving forward knowing that all will be well.

– The second card in this position is: Beloved One/AA Chamuel – This card represents: “I am helping you with your spiritual soul mate relationship.” At first glance this card would seem to be an odd one in this reading but what will happen for all of us now as we move into this new year and new reality is that those of us who have found our soul mates or Twin Flames and have yet to be united with them, those reunions will be happening very soon. We all know that song that says “what the world needs now is love sweet love”, finding and being with our soul mates is part of that Divine plan. What better way to increase the vibration of love on our beautiful planet then to bring soul mates and Twin Flames together. It is these very relationships that will help to generate more of that high vibrational love that is so sorely needed at this time. So if you haven’t met your soul mate yet or you have met but are not together, then take heart and know that it will happen soon as we move into the new energies and the new earth. Everyone is waking up, all at different paces to be sure, but it will happen and as that happens then the truth will be known as to who we are and who our true love, our Divine Counterpart, is.

Card 3: Release/AA Azrael # 13 – This card represents: the end of a phase or situation; spiritual transformation; and time to move on. As we enter this new year of 2013 and this new era in time it is indeed the end of an old era and an old way of living and being on this planet. Many changes lie ahead and those changes will include our own transformation as we embody more of our spiritual essence in our physical bodies. Our bodies are changing too, becoming more crystalline and less carbon based. It is also time now to let go of the past and what no longer serves us on our journey into a higher state of being. That will include jobs or careers, relationships, homes and places as well as things and possessions. It is time to let go of the old and make room in our lives for the new things and people that will more closely align with who we are becoming and our divine purpose. The number 13 in numerology reduces to 4 (1+3=4) and the meaning of the number 4 is: The angels are assisting you with this situation. The changes that we are going to need to make in our lives may be painful ones but we are not in this alone, our angels are always there to help us make the right decisions and then carry them out. All we need to do is ask them to help us. We are so loved and we are barely aware of it as we go through our days. Remember that we are never alone, love always surrounds us.

– The second card in this position is – Clairvoyance/AA Raziel – this card represents: “I am helping your spiritual sight to awaken fully so you can clearly see Heavenly love.” The angels are asking us to see their love for us, to look not with our physical eyes but with the eyes of our heart, and then we will know how very loved we all are.

Card 4: The High Priestess/AA Haniel # 2 – This card represents: listen to your intuition; have patience; consider carefully what you want before acting. As we move into this new year and new era, this very new space, we are being asked to use our intuition, our higher guidance that we all have access to, as we make decisions regarding our lives – what and who we want in them, and what we need to let go of. Don’t make rash decisions that we might later regret but first take the time to listen to our hearts and our guidance and see what feels right to or resonates with us. Take the time to consider all our options before moving forward with our plans. The number 2 again represents: Keep the faith and don’t give up hope. Once we have considered our options and listened to our hearts and higher guidance we can then move forward in the knowledge that our decision is the right one for us.

– The second card in this position is – Clairsentience/AA Raguel – This card represents: “Notice your recurring physical and emotional feelings, as they signify Divine guidance.” This card is telling us how to recognize our higher guidance. If you have a “gut feeling” about something then chances are that is your intuition at work. Our physical reactions, what our bodies are saying to us, is often alerting us to something we need to pay attention to. And of course we know what makes us happy or what makes us sad or uncomfortable or fearful. Pay attention to those feelings because again they are telling us to pay attention. Following our hearts will never lead us astray if we follow the joy or bliss or whatever name you want to give that feeling of excitement and love.

Card 5: Ego/AA Jophiel # 15 – this card represents: a false sense of entrapment; being overly focused on material things; and negative or fear-based thoughts. As we moved through the past year of 2012, many of us were faced with the loss of jobs or careers which in turn led to loss of homes and cars and so on. As we move into 2013 those kinds of changes will continue as the old structures of our old reality dissolve which will include our financial systems, our health care systems and so on. These are necessary changes as the new energies and new reality we have moved into will no longer support those old ways of doing things. Business as usual is at an end. But we are being asked to NOT go into fear as these changes take place and even if we find ourselves the “victims” of the dissolution of these old structures, to remember that these are just material possessions that do not define who we are. Find that calm center inside ourselves and know that all of our needs will be met. We may not have as much money or the car or the house but we will be taken care of if we have faith and trust in the Divine plan that is unfolding. Believe me I have lived through some of those changes myself and yet my needs are still being met. Remember who you are as a beloved child of God, the King’s kid! Put your faith and trust where it belongs, not on the things of this world, the old world, but in Him who made all things and in Whom all things have their being and are possible. There is nothing that can harm you because you are not this physical body, you are an eternal, immortal being of love and light. Let that be your focus now as things appear to be falling apart and all you believed to be true is now shown false. The number 15 in numerology reduces to 6 (1+5=6). The meaning of the number 6 is: Release any fears about the physical/material world to God and the Angels. Balance your thoughts between the material and spiritual. Need I say more?

– The second card in this position is – Clairaudience/AA Zadkiel – this card represents: “Notice the loving guidance you hear inside your mind, or from other people.” As we learn to discern between the ego and our higher guidance, we notice that we often have many thoughts that come from fear, fear of loss of love or loss of material possessions or loss of loved ones. Those thoughts are ego based. Our thoughts that are positive and uplifting and love filled are our higher guidance. Higher guidance will NEVER put you in fear. We need to learn the difference as knowing the difference will become more and more important as the changes we are going to experience over this new year unfold. We are always being guided if we take the time to listen, not to our ego’s voice but to our higher guidance. Trust in that. If you are uncertain as to what course of action to take, ask the angels for guidance and then be open to receive that guidance in whatever way it comes. It can come in the form of your own higher guidance, loving thoughts, a word or phrase you hear in a conversation or read in a book, repeat numbers and so on. We are always being guided and all we have to do is be open to receive it.

In closing, let’s look at the numerology meaning of the year 2013. 2013 reduces to 6 (2+0+1+3=6). The number 6, as above, represents: “Release any fears about the physical/material world to God and the Angels. Balance your thoughts between the material and spiritual”. This is what this year will be about. There are going to be many more changes and challenges as we move into this new year and new era. Our way of being on this planet is transforming and that will cause fear in a lot of people and even in ourselves. This year is about releasing old beliefs and old attachments to things, places and people that no longer resonate with who we are becoming. Our focus now is to be more on the spiritual side of life and not the material side, the side we experience with our 5 physical senses. More and more we are going to be made aware of the spiritual realm that exists all around us and that may be frightening for some. However have faith and let’s put our trust in God and His Divine plan for each of us, for humanity as a whole and for our beloved Mother Earth. All will be well, we are loved and guided and protected. Trust THAT as we move forward from here.

Artist of this beautiful picture: Unknown

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