Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Sunday, January 6, 2013, is taken from Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue – Children – this card represents: “Your connection with children is part of your life’s purpose”. What I feel as I look at this card is that we need to “become as little children” when we walk in this new world that is evolving since December 21, 2012. Look through the eyes of a child at the magic and wonder that surrounds us in all things. This new world that is unfolding is doing so ever so subtly and, if we continue to look at the world as we have been, we will not be aware of the transformation that is taking place. As we go through our daily lives we are being asked to stop and let the sun shine on our faces, feel the breeze playing with our hair, smell the fragrance of a flower and just BE in the moment as a child is. Feel the love and the joy that surrounds us always.

As I was shuffling the cards, one jumped the deck, that card is always included in the reading and it is – Walk Away – this card represents: “Leave the unhealthy situation, and enjoy the new doors that open as a result!” Many of us find ourselves in situations, jobs or relationships, whether romantic in nature or friendships, that are literally toxic to us now as we have risen above the 3D world or duality if you will. It is in our own best interest if we find ourselves in this position to walk away, end the relationship, quit the job, say goodbye to the people in our lives that are negative and always pulling us down. In some instances that may not be possible, for instance the job is necessary to pay the bills. However we can begin to look for other employment that better suits who we have become or maybe it is time to start our own business that is more spiritually based. When it comes to our relationships, it can be hard to separate ourselves from family or to leave our partners but again it’s now become what is best for us. Speaking for myself, I was in a toxic marriage. I was beginning to truly dislike the person I had become in order to survive in that situation. So I found the courage to leave with the help of my family and friends. It’s not that it was easy to leave but I had to leave for my own well-being, spiritually and emotionally as well as mentally and physically too. Don’t stay in a situation where you have to hide who you are, trust me it’s not worth the price. On a more positive note, when we do make the necessary changes then opportunities begin to open up for us. They did for me. Take care and have a great day everyone!

Artist of this picture: Unknown

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