Card Reading For The Week


The cards for our reading for the week, January 14 – 20, 2013, are taken from the Magical Messages From The Fairies Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue.

Card 1: You’ve Got The Power! – This card represents – “Use your abilities to resolve this situation. You can do it!” What I feel as I look at this card is that our lives have become a balancing act between the everyday reality of this dimension and our spiritual reality. And truly isn’t that what life is about? Finding our balance between the physical and the spiritual? Finding that balance can be difficult but we are surrounded by the Angels and other beings of light as well as our spiritual families who are helping us do just that, cheering us on and supporting us in our every endeavor. The energies on this planet at this time require that we find that balance now more than ever.

Card 2: Your Wish Is Granted! – This card represents – “What you’ve asked for is coming true.” We have the power within us now to manifest our heart’s greatest desires. All we need to do is to get clear about what those desires are and stay focused on them. Spending time in visualization of what having our desires come true will be like also helps speed up the process.

Card 3: Let Go – This card represents – “As you surrender the need to control, your relaxed energy rapidly attracts your desires.” The more we worry or fret over what it is that we want to see manifest into our lives and how that should happen, the more we actually push it away. It’s in the art of allowing and giving gratitude for it that brings it to us. By allowing I mean letting go of the “how” it is going to manifest. Ours is not to worry about the how of things but to visualize what it will feel like to have it and give gratitude as if we already do. “Let go and let God!”

Card 4: Love Life – This card represents – “The basis of your question involves your romantic life, which is now changing for the better.” All of our relationships are evolving just as we ourselves are evolving as individuals. Don’t hold onto the way they have been in the past but let them develop and grow as we ourselves do. We are becoming more aware of the spiritual side of life and waking up to who we truly are as immortal beings sharing this human experience. It would be foolish to think that our relationships will remain stagnant. Actually to remain the same would be detrimental to any relationship but be prepared to watch our relationships undergo rapid transformations as we continue to move forward into this year of even greater change. The key to our relationships surviving these changes is of course communication and so it is necessary to share with our partners all that we are feeling.

Card 5: Birthday – This card represents – “A significant birthday holds the answer to your question.” Everyday is a birthday and a chance to recreate yourself. Just because we may look the same when we look in the mirror doesn’t mean we are the same inside our hearts. We are giving birth to ourselves as we take in the energies coming to us from our sun right now. If we take the time to look into our hearts we will find that who we were yesterday is not who we are today. Let this awaken your curiosity and be playful as you explore your thoughts and feelings. Take note of new interests and feelings that we didn’t previously have or new talents that have lain dormant while we were growing and evolving and finding ourselves. This will continue to unfold as we continue our journey.

Have a great week everyone!

Artist of this photo: Unknown

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