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Our card for the day, Wednesday, January 16, 2013, is taken from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue – St. Catherine of Alexandria/Marriage – This card represents: “This is a message about your present or future marriage. You have a spiritual destiny with a spouse who’s your soul mate. There’s a Heavenly purpose for you and this person to be together, and you are supposed to help one another grow and prosper.”

First I want to say that I believe this is a personal message to me as tonight I have been in contact with a man I met online 5 years ago yesterday, the 15th. Meeting this man forever changed my life and it is my relationship with him that has been the catalyst for my own spiritual journey. This man is my Twin Flame, my Divine Counterpart, although I have at times doubted it and let fear in so that it has taken me away from him. However we are back in contact again and yet there are those who will tell me that my relationship with him is a form of codependency, that I should run far and fast in the other direction. Then when I say that I have received messages and signs telling me that he is the one, I am told that I have seen or heard what I wanted to see or hear, or that I misinterpreted what I received, so that I use those signs as an excuse to continue this unhealthy relationship. So as I was shuffling the deck for this reading I did ask that the card I draw be a sign to me as well as for anyone else reading this, as to whether or not this man is my Twin Flame and if this is the right path for me.

As always the cards are face-down when I shuffle them, I ask for a sense of when to stop shuffling and do so when I feel it, and then I draw the first card from the top of the deck, still face-down. I’m saying this so that you understand that there is no way I’m influencing which card I draw. I have no way of knowing what that top card is until I turn it over. I follow this same procedure for all the readings I do. All that being said, there is no way this card is a mistake, or that I went through the deck looking for a card that would answer my own question. This card is in direct relation to my own question but I also feel it will help those of you on the same path or who are in a soul mate or Twin Flame relationship.

These relationships cannot be compared to the usual love relationships that have been the norm for many many years for many people on this planet. That is the whole point of the Soul Mate and Twin Flame relationships, to anchor this new template for relationships that will become the norm on the new earth or in the 5th dimension or however you want to put that. No one can tell you about the Soul Mate or Twin Flame relationship unless they are in one themselves, even those who claim to be experts on the subject. We are not meant to give up on our relationships because someone on the outside looking in thinks we are stupid or crazy for continuing to believe in our relationship against all odds. Only you in your own heart will know if the one you are with is your Soul Mate or Twin Flame. No one else can tell you that. Sometimes I believe that these situations where others question my beliefs and my journey happen to help me learn to stand firm in my own beliefs and trust myself and what I receive. What is right for me may not be right for everyone but it is right for me. This is MY journey and mine alone, and I do believe that each Soul Mate and Twin Flame relationship and how it unfolds, is unique to the two people involved in it.

The other part of my discussion here that really has no bearing on the reading is this. When we ask Spirit, God, Heaven, The Universe, the Angels, our Higher Self and so on, for signs that we are on the right path, that this person is meant for us and any other way you want to put that, and get them, are we not supposed to trust those signs? What is the point of asking for signs if we are supposed to question them and question them till we are so far in doubt that we no longer know what to believe or what to trust? So my friend aside, if I can’t put my faith in God and the Angels to give me a sign when I ask for one, then what is the point of any of this?

These readings I give represent signs and messages for us to follow, to help us on our journeys, individually and collectively. I make it quite clear as I’m preparing for a reading that the messages I receive come only from the highest levels of love and light. I spend time before each reading consecrating my cards, asking for protection for the reading as well as myself and those I read for, calling upon the Angels and Spirit to help me draw the appropriate card or cards and to receive the message or messages that will mean the most to the ones I’m reading for. This is not something I take on lightly, I am very devoted to being a messenger between the Angels and Spirit and those I read for in each and every reading I do, whether that is a free reading or a paid one. I take my mission as a messenger very seriously. My only desire is to be of service. To give those who I read for or those who read my daily and weekly readings clear and accurate information that will help them on their own journeys.

On that note, have a great day everyone. I welcome any and all thoughts or comments. We are all in this together and that is why I’m putting all of what I have in this message tonight.

Artist of the photo: Unknown


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