Reading for the Week


Our reading for the week, January 21 – 27, 2013, comes from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue.

Card 1: Alchemy – This card represents: “You have the Midas touch right now, and every project you begin turns to gold”. With all of the new energies flowing into the planet right now, we are able to create more and more of what our hearts truly desire. If we remain in the flow of love, giving of ourselves and our gifts and being open to receive what we desire into our lives, then everything we wish for will come to us. Just a gentle reminder to remember that the time lag between thought and manifestation is getting shorter, make sure to stay focused on what we want and not what we don’t want!

Card 2: Let Yourself Receive – This card represents: “Allow others to give you loving care. Receive without guilt or apologies”. This card blends so well with the first one because there needs to be a balance in our lives between giving and receiving. If we continue to give and give and give and don’t allow ourselves to receive in return then that creates an imbalance in our lives. Many Lightworkers have the feeling or the idea that because we are Lightworkers our gifts should be shared for free. How can we make a living based on that false assumption? That is not to say that payment needs to be monetary in nature but a sharing of gifts perhaps, say for example a swapping of card readings or a gift of food for a service rendered and so on. However we work out the details we truly do need to be open to receiving just as we are open to giving so that we create more balance in our lives.

Card 3: Yes – This card represents: “Your intuition is correct. Take action accordingly”. If we follow our intuition, or gut reaction if you prefer, we are assured that we need to follow that instinct. Many times we don’t trust that feeling or inner knowing and regret it later. If we do follow it then we are most always right in doing so. In most situations you will know what action to take if you just trust what your intuition is telling you. Don’t second guess it, just do it!

Card 4: Treasure Chest – This card represents: “An unforeseen windfall of new abundance comes to you now!” From the previous cards in this reading, it would seem that whatever decisions we make, whatever actions we take, as long as we remain in the flow of love and are following our guidance, there is nothing we can’t do or have. Success is guaranteed in our projects or endeavors and all we are being asked to do is trust, ask for guidance if we need it and just follow what we get. Life is truly not about suffering, it’s about living in joy and abundance in all ways and all that is required of us is to remain in the flow of love.

Card 5: Healing Heart – This card represents: “You’re a powerful healer. Keep up the great work!” We are all healers whether we are aware of it or not. Healing doesn’t require writing a prescription for medicine, or being able to perform life saving surgery, or even how to do energy work. All it takes is a heart filled with love and a willingness to share that love with everyone we meet. A smile can heal a broken heart, a hug or holding a hand gives comfort, a kind word gives encouragement and so on. We are all here to help heal the world and create a better place for all of us to share.

I usually only do a 5 card draw for the week but one card jumped the deck as I was shuffling and that card is: You’re Being Helped – This card represents: “Heaven is working behind the scenes to help you, even if you don’t see results yet”. As we live the love that we are, live from our hearts, everything we desire or need that is in our best interest and highest good will be given to us. When we ask for guidance or assistance with some situation or project, all we need to do is trust that we are being given that help or guidance even if it doesn’t appear so at this very moment. We are being asked to proceed with faith knowing that we are ever loved and provided for. Have a great week everyone!

Artwork taken from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards deck, Artist: Sharon George

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