Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Wednesday, January 23, 2013, is taken from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue – Fairies – This card represents: “You have a strong bond with the fairies, and your life purpose involves helping Mother Nature”. I have always believed in fairies even when I should have “outgrown” the usual child-like belief in them. Whenever I think of fairies it always makes me smile and reminds me that there is magic in this world for those of us who haven’t become hardened by the daily grind and society’s view of what is normal. This card comes to remind us that the world IS filled with magic and mystery and we are asked to keep our hearts and minds open to those things that are magical and mysterious like the fairies.

We are also being asked to respect all life as everything is interconnected with everything else, including us humans. It is in our taking care of the earth that the Mother takes care of us. Who are we to decide what has the right to live or what needs to die, what is a pest or what has value? We don’t know, but we are eradicating life on this earth at an alarming rate. The Mother needs our help as do the many and varied species that call this planet home. We don’t have to take up a crusade to help, we can just be more mindful of recycling, the use of pesticides in our homes and gardens, buying products that are natural and are not tested on animals, and so on. Once we start to look at all life and see the value in it, remember every creature, just like everything else, is God experiencing life in this dimension, then we will naturally begin helping the planet in every way we can.

As I was shuffling the deck, one card jumped out. That card is – If You Get Nervous, Focus on Service – This card represents: “Put your entire intention on answering the question “How can I make the world a better place?” and the Law of Attraction will automatically take care of your needs”. I love how the cards work together. It never fails even when I sometimes question it. This card can mean many things, it’s not necessarily tied to the one above but it does fit with the message. If we all ask ourselves that question, “How can I make the world a better place?” in every aspect of our lives then imagine what this world would be like. Have a great day everyone!

Artwork taken from the Angel Therapy Oracle Cards deck, Artist: Marcia Snedecor

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