Reading For The Week


Our reading for the week, January 28 – February 3, 2013, is taken from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards deck by Doreen Virtue.

Card 1: Stay Focused/Kuthumi – Many of us are getting tired. Some of us have been on this journey for a long time. We have cleared out our emotional baggage and transmuted energies and held the space for those following behind and so on, till we feel we have literally nothing else to give to the cause of the Great Transformation happening on this planet. For many months the energies on this planet have pummeled us and wrung us out till at times we feel hollowed out. We are tired of waiting for the world to catch up so that we can complete this transformation. Well this card is reminding us not to give up just yet because what we are waiting for is just around the bend on the path. We are being asked to remain focused on our mission and to hold the love and the space for those who follow just a little longer. Humanity is waking up and it’s growing with every day. We need to remain focused and not let ourselves get discouraged by what appears to be playing out on the world stage at the moment. The old energies are leaving making room for the new. We just have to be patient a little while longer.

Card 2: Father, Husband, Brother, Son/Osiris – This card is referring to all males and I believe it is because for a long time on this planet the ‘male’ energy has been blamed for the “mess” the world is in. It is time now to stop pointing fingers and placing blame because it wasn’t just the male energy that created this mess, the withdrawal of the feminine energy played a big part. Throughout most of recorded history the female has been seen as a lesser being than the male of the species. Much of this came from organized religion. Then with the feminist movement, women fought for their equality but that didn’t right the imbalance either. Now women were trying to be like men which only added to the confusion. And the men, well if they showed any of their feminine energy they were considered weak. This is what has been done over the years, creating more imbalance and nothing getting solved. Now all that is changing. There are lot of males who now embody the Divine Masculine energy on this planet and who are helping to create the change that is coming. The Divine Feminine energy is also returning because it can never be predominantly one energy over the other as that is what we have had in the past and we know how that has turned out. Now it’s time to be compassionate and forgive all men as we allow them to balance the feminine and masculine energies within themselves just as we females need to balance those energies inside ourselves as well. We have been a world in imbalance for a long long time, now it’s time to return to a balanced state.

Card 3: Drink More Water/Oshun – with all the changes that are occurring on the planet at this time, physical and emotional, inside all beings, one of the ways to help the process is to drink more fresh pure water. This helps the old and toxic energies move through us more easily and also aids in the assimilation of the new energies coming in. We all tend to go for a coffee or tea or soda when we are thirsty but that is not what our bodies need right now. They need pure water so drink up!

Card 4: Energy Healing/Merlin – This reading seems to be all about energy for this week. This card speaks again about the necessity of healing energy. It is healing energy that is coming into this planet from the Great Central Sun at the center of our Milky Way Galaxy through our own sun in the form of solar radiation from solar flares and solar wind. We are energetic beings, everything is energy and so we are all undergoing a transformation on an energetic level. One of the ways we can help with this is to seek the help of an energy healer such as a Reiki Practitioner or to do some form of gentle stretching exercises like Yoga. Some of us are finding that we ourselves have some healing abilities and we can use this to help ourselves, help others and also help the planet by sending these energies to her. Many of us act as conduits or transformers meaning we are as lightening rods that allow the energies to pass through our physical bodies into the planet.

Card 5: Crystals/Epona – Crystals are a great way to work with energy. There are many different types of crystals that have many and varied uses. Some are for protection, some for healing, some for increased intuition, and some hold information. When purchasing crystals you might want to hold them in your hand first and see which ones feel good to you. I have a quite a few crystals and my favorite is Amethyst. Experiment with some and see which you would prefer. When you choose one that you like it is a good idea to wear it as a piece of jewelry or place it under your pillow or carry it in your pocket to connect with it on an even deeper level.

I hope you will find something of value in this reading for the week. Have a great week everyone!

Artwork taken from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, Merlin – Artist: Wendy Andrew

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