Reading For The Week, February 4th – 10th

Speak Your Truth_image003

Our reading for the week, February 4th – February 10th, is taken from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue.

Card 1 – St. Mary Magdalene/Forgiveness – As we have gone through our lives, we have all been hurt in some way by someone or a number of someones. We carry the reminder of this pain with us into every relationship we have. It is what keeps us from giving ourselves fully in our relationships as we fear being hurt the same way by this new person. This applies to not only our romantic relationships but to all of our relationships. This card is asking us to release all that pain and forgive those who caused it, so that we can be free to be the love we were created to be, and to give ourselves fully, without reservation, in all our relationships. The people in our lives now should not have to pay for the mistakes of the people in our past. In forgiving others we will then be able to also forgive ourselves. We will never find peace until there is forgiveness.

Card 2 – Mother Mary/Mother – This card is reminding us that we are all parents to all the children on this planet right now. Our children are the future of this planet and every child deserves to be given love and protection as well as having it’s basic needs met. It is time to take a stand for all of the children everywhere, to put a stop to the atrocities that befall many of them as well as those who are the victims of war. Let us be as the Mother to all our children. I read a post the other day that I would like to quote here, I don’t remember the exact wording so I will paraphrase “When I saw what was happening, I thought to myself ‘Why doesn’t somebody do something?’, then I realized I am somebody.” Not all of us are financially able to sponsor a child or donate large sums of money to some children’s charity but we can all do some small thing to make the plight of all children everywhere a better one, one child at a time.

Card 3 – Guardian Angel/Faith – Sometimes we are faced with situations that require us to step off that ledge in faith not knowing what the future will hold. Don’t stay in a situation where you are unhappy because you are afraid to take that leap. We are all surrounded by angels and guides who are there to help us through anything we have to face, if we only ask for the help we need and have faith in receiving it.

Card 4 – Christ/Miracle – This card reminds us that no matter what circumstances we find ourselves in this week, trust that a miracle will happen if we only believe. There is no situation that is too big or too difficult for God to provide us with the miracle we need to resolve it.

Card 5 – St. Cecilia/Play Music – One of the greatest pleasures I know of is listening to beautiful music that uplifts my spirit when I am feeling down. If you are able to play a musical instrument then you are doubly blessed with being able to play it and listen at the same time. Music is a universal language. It is the language of the soul. So if you find yourself feeling a little blue this week, play and/or listen to some beautiful music.

Card 6 – As usual lately it seems when I shuffle a deck, one card jumps out asking to be included in the reading. That card tonight is – St. Bernadette/Speak Your Truth – This is not a time for us to hide who we truly are or to be quiet about what we know in our hearts is right or true. All our lights are needed right now as we move collectively through this time of transformation on our planet. So don’t be afraid to say what is in your heart this week. Someone needs to hear it!

Have a great week everyone!

Artwork taken from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards, Speak Your Truth, Artist: Marius Michael-George

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