Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Wednesday, February 6, 2013, is taken from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards – Retreat Into Nature/Green Man – When the things of this world become too much for us, this card reminds us to go out and spend time communing with the earth and all her creatures. My favorite place to be is near the ocean, watching the waves roll onto the shore and retreat again. The smell of the salty air and the cry of the gulls wheeling overhead takes me far away from the cares of this world if only for a brief time. I need this time to refresh my soul so that I can face the challenges with renewed awareness of my connection to all that is. If I can’t get to the beach then even just to go outside, feel the sun on my face, the wind in my hair and the earth beneath my feet will also help ground me and reconnect me with Mother Earth. Find whatever it is that helps you connect with nature and try to spend a few minutes everyday in that connection so as to heal your soul of the cares of this world if even for a little while. Many of us are transmitters or transformers of energy and so we need to spend time barefoot if possible standing on Terra Firma letting the energies from the sun flow through us into the earth.

We are experiencing some wild fluctuations in the energies right now and 2 days ago we experienced a burst of solar radiation which would be hitting the planet about now. There was also this piece of news today: “The magnetic canopy of decaying sunspot AR1667 erupted this morning (Feb. 6th @ 00:21 UT), producing a C9-class solar flare and hurling a coronal mass ejection into space. According to first-look images from NASA’s STEREO-B spacecraft, the CME appears to be heading in the general direction of Earth. If so, the likely time of arrival would be Feb. 8-9.” So for the next couple of days be prepared to feel tired and out of sorts as these bursts of solar radiation affect our bodies and our emotions. If you do find you are feeling overwhelmed, head outside and plant your feet firmly on the ground and reconnect to the earth. Have a great day everyone!

Artwork taken from Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, Retreat Into Nature, Artist: Wendy Andrew

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