Card For The Day

1 The Magician

Our card for the day, Sunday, February 24th, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards – The Magician/Archangel Raziel # 1 – “You are ready! You have the resources or the ability to manifest them. Life is magical.”

What I feel as I look at the Angel who represents the Magician on this card, is that we each have the power to channel the infinite supply of energies around us (represented by the infinity symbol above his head) to create or manifest our heart’s desires, as well as the things we need to make those desires a reality.

The Magician is channeling energy that he is drawing into his staff, transforming into positive energy, or the energy of love (as seen by the pink energy flowing from the fingertips of his outstretched hand), and creating the white lilies around him that represent health and provision. We are all magicians or alchemists (alchemy being represented by the fires of transformation behind him, as well as the gold color of his wings), and whether we realize it or not, we are all creating our realities one thought at a time.

There is also the warning to stay out of negativity (represented by the darkness behind him) or to protect ourselves (represented by his outstretched wings that block or protect him from the darkness) as best we can from negative thoughts because those too will manifest whether we want them to or not. This is also seen in the meaning of the number 1 at the top of the card. (the number 1 represents – stay positive, everything you are thinking about right now is coming true, so be sure you are thinking about only what you desire. Give any fears to God and the Angels. – Taken from Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue)

We need to use our passion and our love (represented by the roses and the red peeking out from beneath his robe) to manifest what we want in our lives and what we want our world to be. We are creating the new world for us all to share and so we need to do this consciously taking responsibility for our creations, as the infinity symbol also represents the eternal nature of life. Life truly is magical! Have a great day everyone!

Artwork taken from Angel Tarot Cards, The Magician, Artist: Steve A. Roberts

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