Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Wednesday, February 27th, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue – Nine of Air – “Expecting the worst. Self-fulfilling prophecies. Sleepless nights.”
– The suit of Air represents our intellect – where we make decisions, analyze situations, and give voice to our thoughts. Air is aligned with justice, truth, ideals, the legal system, communication, and other intellectual areas.
– The number 9 represents “Get to work, Lightworker-now! The number 9 means that you’ve completed all of the prerequisites to achieve your life purpose. Stop procrastinating, as it’s time to start taking action steps. Even Baby steps are useful.”
– On this card I see a group of unicorns that are all lying down sleeping or relaxing. They are in a grassy meadow surrounded by trees. Amongst the trees some fireflies are flitting around. In the background is what appears to be some kind of glowing white and greenish energy moving towards the unsuspecting Unicorns. On the surface this looks like a peaceful scene, however I feel this represents a false sense of security.
– The firefly primarily uses its light in mating ceremonies, and it is quite elaborate and intricate. Light signals are precise and exactly timed in order to attract the right mate. This is a symbolic message that if we are to attract the people, places and things in our lives, we must plan accordingly, lay down the groundwork, and be persistent in our ideals. The symbolic meaning of the firefly of course deals with light, illumination and the like. (
– Unicorns in the Angel Tarot Cards deck have a tranquil essence which symbolizes peaceful thoughts.
– What I sense as I look at this card is that while this group of unicorns is sleeping and relaxing in what seems to be a beautiful place where they are protected by the surrounding trees, something is approaching that none of them are aware of. Wake up, get moving, all is not as it seems.
– I feel if we remain alert and think positive thoughts, remaining focused on what we want to have in our lives we will succeed. If we let fear and doubt creep in then it is harder to attract to us what we want and we then began attracting some things we don’t want. We can’t live our lives on autopilot. If we don’t take responsibility for our actions and our thoughts that are manifesting into our reality whether we want them to or not, then we run the risk of sabotaging our best efforts to manifest the love we want, the abundance we desire and the vibrant good health that is our natural state of being. We live in an abundant universe as seen by the vibrant green of the grass and trees. There is light to guide our steps if we pay attention to the signs and messages from our own higher guidance. This is not the time to sleepwalk on our journeys. So stay alert, think positive and uplifting thoughts and focus on what we want to create and not what we don’t. If we find that we are unable to be positive then we need to ask our angels for help in dealing with our negative thoughts and feelings. Have a great day everyone!

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, Nine of Air, Artist: Steve A. Roberts

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