Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Wednesday, March 6th, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine – Life Experience/Archangel Chamuel # 16 – “A significant life event. A powerful revelation that leads to change. Time to spread your wings.”
– This card, Life Experience, actually replaces The Tower card in traditional tarot.

– On this card Archangel Chamuel is standing in a field where the land and the plants look to have been scorched possibly from the heat of the sun, this could also represent the destruction caused by fire in the original The Tower card. Further outside of that area, there are red flowers blooming and butterflies are flitting around the blooms, as well there is a dragonfly. There is a tower behind the angel that is being illuminated by the setting sun instead of being struck by lightening and set ablaze as it is in the traditional Tarot. There is a mountain range behind the tower and there is a path winding through those mountains leading to the tower. There are a couple of birds flying around in this picture too. It looks to me as though the angel has his hands stretched out over a bloom that is dead and that makes me wonder if he isn’t healing the damage done by the heat from the sun. That would fit as there is healing green light around him. There is also a faint blue object in the foreground of this card that looks to me like an urn that possibly holds water.

– “Archangel Chamuel can help you find whatever you’re seeking, including right relationships and a Divinely guided career. Call upon Chamuel and then follow your intuition, which is the way this angel speaks to you.”
– The path through the mountains represents our journey through life. The path is interrupted by the Tower before it resumes again. This represents some life changing event that will very possibly change our direction on our path.
– The golden light of the setting sun represents the alchemy we have seen before in previous readings. The transformation of the dross into gold.
– The red of the flowers represents – “Think fire and blood – Red rushes to us with messages of passion, primal urges, action, pleasure, vibrance, radiance, and love.” So even though the strong image of fire in the original card The Tower has been removed, it is still represented by the blazing light from the setting sun and the red of the flowers. (
– The healing green light around the angel tells us all is not lost, no matter what event or catastrophe has occurred or will occur, healing is taking place or will.
– Butterflies are a symbol of hope as well as being symbols of transformation.
– The dragonfly, as a creature of the wind, represents change. Dragonflies are also creatures of the water, and any creature whose habitat is in, or around water carries symbolism relative the the subconscious, or “dreaming” mind and thoughts. ( The dragonfly like the butterfly also goes through a transformation process. Just as the butterfly emerges from it’s cocoon, so does the dragonfly emerge from the body of the nymph.
– The birds represent freedom or liberation.
– In some of the pictures of The Tower in other Tarot decks, the Tower is surrounded by water. The urn on this card is blue and my first impression was that it held water although the water isn’t visible. Water in the tarot represents our emotions and so that would make perfect sense that any life changing event would definitely affect our emotions.
– The meaning of the number 16 – “Your words are magnetic affirmations that draw to you the very things you talk and think about. For this reason, the angels remind you to be aware of your words and thoughts.”
– As I sometimes do, I took the liberty of reducing the number 16 to 7 (1+6=7). The meaning of the number 7 is – “You’re on the right path, and the outcome will exceed your expectations! The number 7 is a sign that Divine magic is supporting you and opening doors of opportunity.” The meaning of both the number 16 and the number 7 are is taken from Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue.

So this card is all about change, a very significant life changing event which will lead to a powerful revelation that will change us to our very core. We will no longer be the same person we are right now. Like the butterfly and the dragonfly we will be transformed by this change. However it is not something to be feared, it is something to be embraced, it will set us free, liberate us from the status quo we have been living in for a long time. We are once again reminded to choose our words and thoughts carefully as they will quickly manifest into our realities. However we are also reminded that even though things change, we are loved and supported always. That even from change opportunities will arise. Change is coming and it is up to us what we do with it and how we learn and grow from it. Be open to it, embrace it, spread your wings and fly! Have a great day everyone!

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, Life Experience, Artist: Steve A. Roberts

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