Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Thursday, March 7th, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards by Doreen Virtue and Radleigh Valentine – Nine of Fire – “Don’t give up. Protect that which you’ve created. Have courage and believe in yourself.”

– Tonight was class 3 of the Advanced Angel Card Readers course that I’m taking and our focus in this class was the Minor Arcana based on the four suits of Fire, Air, Earth and Water, so for the next week I will be drawing cards from the Minor Arcana for our readings.

– The suit of Fire represents our passion, creativity, ideas and inspirations. This element corresponds to our career, art, adventure, risk taking, and self-development.
– The picture on this card shows a beautiful black woman who looks to be standing guard beside her dragon companion who appears to be wounded in battle. She stands strong and holds a wand in her hand like she would hold a sword. She’s not going to let anyone near her wounded dragon. She will fight to the death to protect him.
– The orange of the dragon’s wings represents that fire and passion that is reflected in the woman’s eyes.
– She herself is wearing the pink of unconditional love and the purple of loyalty and devotion.
– The meaning of the number 9 is: “Get to work, Lightworker – now! The number 9 means that you have completed all of the prerequisites to achieve your life purpose. Stop procrastinating, as it’s time to start taking actions steps. Even baby steps are useful.” Taken from Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue

– We are reminded by this card that even though it may appear as though we have been defeated, that we have nothing left to fight for, all is not lost. We are asked to believe in ourselves, in who we are as the Divine children of God, in how powerful we truly are and how much say we have in what happens to us. That’s the thing, so many of us have forgotten who we are and what we have inside of us. I read a quote on Facebook yesterday and I’m not sure who said it but it goes like this “If we knew how powerful our thoughts were, we would never think another negative thought again”. We have been told we are insignificant and we have believed it but it’s far from the truth. We are the sons and daughters of the Most High God! We are the King’s Kids! When He created us in His image, He didn’t just give us the appearance of God but also His powers as well. This is not the time to play small and give up, this is the time to stand tall, gird your loins, and fight for what you believe in! Have a great day everyone!

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, Nine of Fire, Artist: Steve A. Roberts

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