Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Thursday, March 21st, is taken from the Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue – Self-Forgiveness – “Let go of old guilt, and remember that you’re God’s perfect child!”

– On this card we see a mermaid sitting on a rock in a dark (black) cave combing her golden hair. Her lower body, the tail, is a pretty turquoise color. Around her neck is a necklace of turquoise stones. The water around her has a couple of different shades of blue, from the dark indigo to a light blue to turquoise. Behind her, outside the cave, we see that it is lighter, with shades of grey and the mermaid herself is partially outlined in white. Why does she sit in a dark cave with her head bent over? What does this beautiful creature have to be ashamed of or what is she guilty of that she hides herself in this cave?

– Mermaids are magical spiritual helpers who exist on the etheric plane, and who are ready to assist us. (taken from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins Oracle Cards Guidebook)
– Black represents formality, dignity, force, convention, stability, and zero-tolerance.
– Gold represents the alchemy of transformation as we have seen before.
– Turquoise helps to open the lines of communication between the heart and the spoken word. It controls and heals the emotions creating emotional balance and stability. This is a color that recharges our spirits during times of mental stress and tiredness, alleviating feelings of loneliness. (
– Indigo represents the unknown depths of the sea along with emotion, strength, fluidity, persuasiveness, expressiveness, and pervasiveness.
– Blue represents open spaces, freedom, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity.
– Grey’s energy imparts void, emptiness, lack of movement, emotion, warmth and identifying characteristics. It has a detached and isolated feeling. (
– White stands for peace, cleansing, illumination, purity, innocence and the highest kind of understanding.
– Water represents our emotions.

– We have all done or said things we are not proud of, things we wish we could take back or undo. Most of us can more easily forgive others than we can ourselves, we have more compassion for other’s mistakes but zero-tolerance for our own. However holding onto our past mistakes doesn’t serve us. Berating ourselves or even hating ourselves for having done such and such a thing isn’t helping us raise our vibrations or keep them high. For many of us, the things we have done in the past that we are ashamed of, keeps us feeling unworthy of love. We say to ourselves “if he/she only knew what I did, he/she would never love me”. We think we are all alone in feeling this way but I would bet ALL of us have felt this way at one time or another. Sometimes we don’t even think about that event or those words we said for long periods of time but then all of a sudden they raise their ugly heads and we go back down that road of self-loathing and shame and guilt. This card is telling us that there is nothing we could have done or said that would separate us from God’s love, nothing. He only sees us as His perfect children, unblemished and unsullied. In His eyes we are as white and pure as the new fallen snow. We try to hide our “sins” from God and others but in truth no one is judging us as hard as we judge ourselves, not even God, most especially not God. So if God doesn’t judge us and find us guilty, then why do we judge ourselves so harshly? It’s time to let it all go, bring it to the Light, bring it to God, heal it and release it and truly let it go!

In one of the books in the series Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsch, God said that Hitler went to heaven. Now imagine that for a minute, Hitler the man who committed, or ordered someone else to commit, the most heinous crimes against human beings that are known to man. If God forgave him or saw him as only a pure being of love, why would He judge us? God said that Hitler did what he thought was right given the knowledge and experience he had at the time. Just as we all have done or said something that we believed was right given the knowledge and experience we had at the time too. Again in one of Neale’s conversations with God, I believe they were talking about reincarnation and how we learn and grow through our experiences on earth in each lifetime. How we like to experience opposites for it allows us more growth as a soul. So what if the soul who was Hitler in that lifetime came back as Mother Teresa? Can you imagine the growth of that soul? We have done it all and been everything. We have been the victim and the victimizer, the abuser and the abused. There is nothing we haven’t done here in one lifetime or another. So we need to let go of our shame and guilt because truly all we are doing is hiding our own Light in a time when all Light is needed on this planet. We need to forgive ourselves and love ourselves as God’s perfect children. We are perfect in our imperfection! Have a great day everyone!

Artwork taken from Magical Mermaids and Dolphins, Self-Forgiveness, Artist: Corey Wolfe

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