Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Monday, March 25th, is taken from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue – Kuan Yin/Compassion – “Release judgments about yourself and others, and focus on the love and light that is within everyone.”

– This card shows Kuan Yin sitting in meditation on a large pink lotus blossom. She is dressed in a robe of pink and grey. She holds in her hands another smaller pink lotus blossom. Her hair is black and around her head is an aura of pink, then white, then purple, then indigo and finally blue.

– Kuan Yin is an Eastern Goddess. She hears all prayers and is the essence of purity, nurturing love and gentle power. She helps us feel compassion and mercy toward ourselves and others. (Taken from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards Guidebook)
– The lotus is associated with creation, the afterlife, enlightenment, fertility and sensuality, purity, and health. Within Hinduism and Buddhism the lotus flower represents awakening to spiritual consciousness. In Indian culture, the Lotus flower represents enlightenment, wealth, knowledge, and connection to the divine. (
– Blue represents open spaces, freedom, imagination, expansiveness, inspiration, and sensitivity. Heals the sense organs, aids in balance and self-expression.
– Indigo represents the unknown depths of the sea along with emotion, strength, fluidity, persuasiveness, expressiveness, and pervasiveness. Provides clarity of purpose, aids spiritual healing.
– Black represents formality, dignity, force, convention, stability, and zero-tolerance. Promotes stability and protection, heals misunderstanding.
– Purple reminds us of spirituality, communion, grandeur, high-ideals, devotion, and peace. Enhances nurturing, balances sensitivity.
– White stands for peace, cleansing, illumination, purity, innocence and the highest kind of understanding. Promotes cleansing, order and establishes clarity.
– Pink is the color of universal love and compassion. (
– Gray is at peace with itself. Like the wise crone or sage, it remains quietly in the background observing, detached, having no need to compete or prove anything. (
– All color meanings taken from unless otherwise stated.

– This card is reminding us that strength and power doesn’t necessarily come from being strong or loud or from taking action. True strength and power comes from finding that still calm place within each of us. That place where we are in contact with our higher selves and our higher guidance. That place where we are all one with each other and with all life and with God. When we are in that place then what goes on in the outer world holds no sway over us and we are content to just BE. We are at peace with everyone and everything knowing that we are loved and everything is happening in Divine Perfect Order. When we are in this place, we have no judgments about ourselves or about anyone else. What we then need to do is bring that peace and stillness, that place of non-judgment and love, from inside us to our outer reality. When we are the love we were created to be then there is no judgment of ourselves or others or even of situations. We are then content to let things unfold as they are meant to. We then become the observer without a need to change anything or anyone. We then see that we are ourselves Divine and worthy of our own love and compassion just as everyone we see is also worthy of that same love and compassion. So as we go forth about our daily lives this week we are reminded to be gentle with ourselves and to show that same compassion to everyone we meet. Namaste (“I bow to the divine in you.”)

Artwork taken from the Goddess Guidance Oracle Cards, Kuan Yin, Artist: Sue Halstenberg

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