Card For The Day

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Our card for today, Wednesday, April 24th, is taken from the Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards – Jesus – “I pray for Jesus’s help and guidance with this situation.”

Jesus is one of humanity’s greatest teachers and He came to us to show us how to live in this world but not get caught up in all the distractions this world has to offer. He taught us how to love our fellow man, regardless of race, color, culture, social status, power, wealth, religion, or any of the other reasons that have been the cause of our separation for eons of time. He came to teach us that we are all brothers and sisters in God’s love. He came to show us what it means to be a child of God, that we are never separated from God’s love no matter what we think we have done that would keep us from that love. Jesus was the embodiment of God’s love for us, each and every one of us. So when we find ourselves in difficult situations we can always call on Jesus to help us. Often when faced with a difficult situation I will ask myself “what would Jesus do in this situation?” If that question makes you uncomfortable then you can ask yourself “what would Love do in this situation?” Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from Mary Queen of Angels Oracle Cards, Jesus, Artist: Unknown

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