Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Saturday, April 27th, is taken from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards – Priorities/King Solomon – “Devote time to your highest priorities.”

The priorities that are referred to are the dreams and desires that are nearest and dearest to our hearts. It is important to our spiritual development and to our well-being to spend some time each day working on something that brings us joy, even if it doesn’t have any monetary value in today’s society or isn’t related to our work. Whether or not an activity has monetary value in today’s world has no bearing on it’s value to us and to those around us.

I have been spending some time the past couple days watching films related to the Zeitgeist Movement and The Venus Project. Some of the films are long, almost 3 hours in length. Basically the films talk about the monetary system which is driven by power and greed, where the many are working to make profit for the few, and how that system will ultimately collapse as we are already seeing around the globe. It’s actually quite an eye-opener for those of us who are not all that familiar with the way our economy works. It’s actually kind of scary too. What I did like though was Jacque Fresco’s solution to our problems, a resource-based system which will lead to abundance and prosperity for all, making money and working for money obsolete.

So if we didn’t have to work to make money to pay our bills, what would we do with our time? We would spend time doing the things that we love to do and WANT to do. That time is coming whether it’s related to Jacque Fresco’s Venus Project, or some energy arrives on the earth to change the way we live in the blink of an eye, or whatever is going to happen to bring about the changes that are long overdue. Whatever it is that brings each one of us joy, a dream, a craft, a hobby or whatever, will have more meaning in that new world. So instead of waiting until we have the time to work on our dreams and desires, why not make time to start working on them now?

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Ascended Masters Oracle Cards, Priorities, Artist: Marius Michael-George

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