Card For The Day

day 10 healing with the angel cards (2)

Our card for the day, Tuesday, April 30th, is taken from the Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards, Power.

I have been watching some videos and listening to some radio shows on this ascension, or shift, we are all going through at the moment, and I keep hearing or reading over and over again how powerful we are. We have created our world, our reality, and if we don’t like it then we have the power to change it. Our minds, our thoughts, are that powerful! If we want to change something, then we need to focus on the opposite of that situation or circumstance. Remember focusing on what we don’t want only creates more of that, so we change it by focusing on what we DO want. It’s okay if we have a relapse into the old pattern of thinking, but when we catch ourselves doing that, we need to change the channel and find that better feeling thought that will change our vibration, and therefore change our reality. So as we go about our days, let’s try to be more mindful of the thoughts we are thinking and try to make them more positive. Let’s keep our focus on the world we want to create and soon we will find ourselves there! Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from Healing With The Angels Oracle Cards, Power, Artist: Corey Wolfe

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