Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Thursday, May 2nd, is taken from the Saints & Angels Oracle Cards – Be Brave/Guardian Angel.

As we walk our individual spiritual paths, we are asked by our Angels and Guides to be brave. This path is not easy, it’s not for those who want to be popular or well loved by the people of this world who are more focused on the material world and their own day to day lives. We will be called on to make difficult choices and decisions that will not be in alignment with what is considered the norm for the majority of humanity. We will have to step outside of our comfort zones and think outside the box. Many will consider us crazy for our beliefs and actions. We will be laughed at and ridiculed by those who have no idea what is actually transpiring on this planet, what we have come to call the Great Shift. We need to stand firm in our beliefs and have the courage to speak our truth no matter what others will think of us.

Over the past couple of days I have been watching The Citizen Hearing On Disclosure. The purpose of this hearing is to try to force the governments of the world, but particularly the United States, to disclose to the public that we are not alone in this universe, and that we have been visited by Extraterrestrial Beings for a very very long time. The witnesses are bringing forth their testimony regarding their own investigations into the subjects of UFO’s, ET’s, and alternative energy sources (some that have been reverse engineered from alien technology) that would free this world from a dependency on oil and gas. They are submitting their evidence to a panel of former members of the US Congress and Senate. They do so in the hopes that this panel of retired Congressmen, and women, as well as retired Senators, will bring this information to higher levels of the US government. They do this at great risk to themselves and to their families. They are treading very dangerous ground because the powers that be want nothing more than to keep this from the public and because of that, all information the government or military has on UFO’s and ET’s is classified well above the level of Top Secret. For the majority of these investigators and witnesses, it has meant the ruin of their credibility as professionals in the world at large. They have also used their own personal funds to chase down leads regarding UFO sightings and so on in other countries. Most of them have had their lives threatened. Bringing forth the truth is a thankless job sometimes and these people deserve our gratitude for having the courage against incredible odds to stand up and fight for the truth of this matter.

So as we go about our days, we need to stand up for what we believe in and speak our truth. When we are afraid, we only need call on our Angels to help give us the courage to do what we need to do and to be who we truly are. Dare to be brave! Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from Saints & Angels Oracle Cards, Be Brave, Artist: Corey Wolfe

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