Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Saturday, May 4th is taken from The Angel Tarot Cards – Six of Air – “Things are looking up! The end of a difficult situation. Taking a trip.”

The suit of Air represents our intellect. It’s where we make decisions, analyze situations, and give voice to our thoughts. Air is aligned with justice, truth, ideals, communication and other intellectual areas.

The number 6 represents – “Don’t worry or obsess about material items, including money. Worry lowers the effectiveness of your prayers. Fortunately, the angels can answer your prayers if you ask them to.” Taken from Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue.

This stage of our journey, for many of us, is becoming more and more difficult as we release any karma or negative thoughts and emotions that we can’t take with us into the new earth. We continue to be pummeled by the energies coming into the earth in the form of solar wind or flares. A significant flare was released today (May 3rd) that will reach the planet in 24 to 48 hours. Those that are sensitive to the energies will already be feeling the effects of this. Add to that the effects of this eclipse sandwich we find ourselves in and this can make for a very difficult time.

This period of eclipses, the solar flares, and other sources of energy are all about clearing and releasing of the old to make room for the new. We are releasing what no longer serves us and opening ourselves up for new experiences, relationships, careers, locations and so on. We are being reminded that as tired as we all are, physically and emotionally, the end is near. We will soon arrive in our new places, physically and/or emotionally. We are being asked to remain steady on our course and to not give up when we are sooo close to being in the new world we have all been creating. We are asked to remain positive, to be joyful, to find the good in all that is happening in our own lives and in what is happening on a global scale. Remember this is the death of the old energy and the birthing of the new.

I want to add too that there are days when I am unable to do a reading for the day because I too find dealing with the energies very difficult. I was so tired yesterday that I spent a lot of the day lying down. Whether it’s related to the energies or to the Fibromyalgia I don’t know. Well it has been said that Fibromyalgia is an ascension disease so it probably is related to the energies. I have days like that, sometimes a couple in a row and during those times it’s very hard to connect with spirit.

I also want to say that some days when I feel like that, I will read some report or other on the energies and how people are feeling so good and I wonder why I seem to be feeling the opposite. We don’t all experience the energy fluctuations the same way. We are not all in the same place on our paths as well. I know sometimes I find it discouraging when I feel so poorly and others are talking about the relief or joy they feel. So the thing is not to judge ourselves by others state of being. We are all different, our bodies don’t all react the same way and so we have to honor our own feelings and capabilities on the days when we feel not so great.

So this card is a reminder that we are not all in the same boat so to speak. Some are sailing through the energies just fine, while some of us need to lay low and honor our need for rest and TLC. Remember even if it doesn’t always appear to be so, things are looking up! Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, Six of Air, artist: Steve A. Roberts

4 thoughts on “Card For The Day

    • An ascension disease is just a list of symptoms that a person is suffering from that the doctor can’t find a physical reason for. I only know of two “diseases” that fit this description and those are Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Both of these have muscle aches and pains, exhaustion, and joint pain. These symptoms are experienced by many as we go through the shift or ascension process. I hope this helps explain that for you.


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