Card For The Day

Two of Water

Our card for the day, Monday, May 6th, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards – Two of Water – “A relationship that continues to grow closer. Forgiveness. The positive resolution of a conflict.”

The suit of Water represents the depth of our emotions, it’s where we fall in love, nurture our children, and open our hearts to deep feelings. Water also represents love, romance, relationships, family, dreams, and desires.

The number 2 represents “Everything’s fine and will continue to be so. Keep believing, especially since your feelings of hope lead to more positive outcomes. The angels can buoy your faith if you’ll ask for their help.” Taken from Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue.

Two people, whether in a romantic relationship, friends, co-workers, family members, basically any relationship we have with another person, can only work if the two people involved are committed to making it work and are willing to forgive mistakes as they move forward in their relationship. We are all human, or maybe I should rephrase that and say we are all spirits in human form at the moment, and we are all learning as we go. Learning often means making mistakes and wrong choices. We are asked to not see the mistakes but the person as a whole, as a soul, a being of love just as we are. We are asked to understand this journey, this path we are all walking, how difficult it can be, and to remember that we too make mistakes and wrong choices. If we can really see the other person and have them really see us, there is the chance of forgiveness. Then we can see a way to move forward with greater understanding and compassion, a little wiser for having come through a conflict without it tearing apart the foundation it was built on.

We hear a lot about trust and once that trust is broken we can never get it back. I don’t think that is completely true. First of all let’s look at the meaning of the word trust: reliance on the integrity, strength, ability, surety, etc., of a person; confident expectation of something, hope; to believe in. ( When we say we trust someone we expect or hope that the person we place our trust in will never hurt or betray us. Trust is something that is implied in a relationship but can we really ever trust someone completely and utterly? We are, or most of us are, wounded. We have had relationships since we were children where our trust in our parents, siblings, other family members, or even authority figures who we were told we could trust, like teachers or clergy or police, who let us down or hurt us in some way. Therefore every relationship there-after is entered with caution, we have walls up to protect ourselves in the event that someone we love will hurt us yet again. We come into a relationship with the hope that we can trust the one we are with, but when something happens to shake the foundation of that trust we feel justified in saying “I knew I couldn’t trust you” and ending the relationship.

Love is not supposed to hurt, but yet sometimes it does and when it does, then we are told it is because it wasn’t true love because true love won’t hurt. It’s hard sometimes when we are in a relationship to be objective because so much is at stake for us. However those of us on this spiritual path are told that love is the answer to all things and if that is true, then love can overcome any issue if the two people involved are committed to working it out instead of throwing in the towel when a mistake is made. We need to remember that we are not the only ones with walls up to protect ourselves, the other person does too. And because we are so afraid that we will be hurt, we often times set it up that we will be. Sometimes we sabotage the relationship ourselves in an attempt to not be hurt again. How do two people who have been hurt in the past, but yet love each other, break down the walls and enter into the depths of that love? Through forgiveness and compassion. All relationships take work, there is no getting past that. The question is, can we find it in our own hearts to love the other person in spite of the mistakes he or she has made?

I’m just going to give you an example here of what I feel true love is, taken from the experience of someone I know. A couple got married and had children. Then the husband cheated on his wife with another woman and that woman also had a child for him. Many would say and did that she would be crazy to forgive him and stay in that marriage. But that is exactly what she did. Not only did she stay but she accepted his daughter by another woman into her own family. Now that takes incredible love and strength of spirit if you ask me. I’m sure it was hard on her to learn of his infidelity. I’m sure she was very hurt and angry, and rightfully so, but yet they overcame the odds and are stronger for it, not only the couple involved, but the whole family.

So perhaps as we go about our days and find ourselves in situations in our relationships that make us question our trust in our partner or friend or whoever, can we open our hearts wider instead of shutting them down and deal with the situation from a place of compassion and forgiveness so that a positive resolution can be found? Aren’t we the ones after all who are the wayshowers? That means we are here to create a world of love beginning with our own world of family and friends and romantic relationships. We are here to show the world a new way of relating, a new way of being, and that way of relating and being is LOVE. LOVE is the answer to all things! Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, Two of Water, Artist: Steve A. Roberts

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