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Our card for the day, Saturday, May 11th, is taken from the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue and Melissa Virtue – Amethyst – “Psychic Abilities, Behavior Patterns”.

Amethyst is associated with the Crown and Third Eye Chakras and is therefore representative of higher or spiritual pursuits, like psychic abilities. We all have psychic abilities whether we are aware of them or not. With the potent energies that are coming into our energetic fields, via the sun, raising our vibrations, we are becoming more and more psychic. Perhaps you have noticed sometimes you are thinking of something and then someone brings it up. I have a lot of fun with this myself. For example I will focus my attention on something, like what takeout we should pick up for supper, and then wait for my daughter or her husband (they live with me) to say it , not just something in a list of choices, but the first thing one of them will say. It works every time! Or perhaps you know who is calling on the phone before you even answer it. Or you have a dream that comes true. Being psychic is not something only a few have access to but we ALL have access to it. We have just forgotten our abilities.

Amethyst is a great stone for protection and is my favorite stone to wear as a bracelet or earrings or a pendant. It never needs cleansing or charging and will help cleanse and recharge other crystals when placed together. It is also used to help people overcome addictive behaviors like drug or alcohol abuse. It can also help us overcome negativity and self-doubt, and will help align our physical bodies with our spirit.

So as we go about our day, why not pay attention to our own psychic power, especially our intuition, and see what happens when we pay attention to it. Or have some fun with Telepathy, like I do, and focus your attention on something and see if someone around you will talk about it. You might be surprised! Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from Angel Dreams Oracle Cards, Amethyst, Artist: Melissa Gay

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