Card For The Day

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Our card for the day, Sunday, May 12th, is taken from Angel Dreams Oracle Cards – Silver – “Goddess, Insight”.

Silver is symbolic of the Goddess. It represents the Divine Feminine, the moon, speech and public speaking, insight, reflection, perseverance, and patience. The Goddess is part of Divine Source, representing the trinity of maiden, mother and crone. The Goddess energy is connected to the phases of the moon. (taken from the Angel Dreams Oracle Cards Guidebook)

The photo on the card shows the trinity of maiden, mother and crone with the appropriate moon phase on each of their foreheads. The trinity is in front of the moon which is over a body of water. It looks to me like they are presiding over the ebb and flow of the water beneath them in this photo, which would make sense as the moon affects the tides here on earth. It has been said that more and stronger earthquakes happen on the full moon as well. The moon also affects a woman’s menstrual cycle. More births happen on a full moon then at any other phase of the moon. As we can see, the moon is very much connected to the feminine.

The moon is a source of magic and beauty. It is also associated with our psychic powers as many rituals in the pagan religion are conducted by the light of certain phases of the moon. However we don’t need to conduct rituals, unless we are drawn to do so, to access our own psychic power. We also know how the different phases of the moon affect humanity. More crimes are committed on the full moon as well as more patients are admitted to hospital through an increase in accidents or mental illness.

The element of water on this card, which represents our emotions, also lets us know that our emotions are also affected by the moon. I have mentioned before how the new moon affects me. I tend to feel very down and negative on the new moon. However I love the beauty of the full moon, how it sparkles on the water and casts it’s silvery glow over everything, and so I feel happy and joyful on the full moon.

Do you look up at the moon on a clear night? I know I do. The night sky has always been a source of fascination for me. The night of the full moon in April, I came out of the grocery store just as the moon was coming up over the horizon. It hung in the sky so big and reddish in color that I was stopped in my tracks when I saw it. I’m sure my mouth dropped open in awe at the spectacle. When I looked around me though, everyone else was going about their business and none seemed to care about the beauty that I was looking at.

So this card is asking us to be aware of our own cycles as they relate to the moon and to be aware of how the moon affects us, our emotions, as well. As we go about our days, let’s take note of the moon phases and how they make us feel. This will give us great insight into our own beingness as we walk our path. The full moon is a good time to spend in meditation connecting with the Divine Feminine inside each of us, even the males. Take note and be aware because all life on earth is affected by what is going on in the heavens over our heads. Have a great day everyone and Happy Mother’s Day to all you moms out there reading this. ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from Angel Dreams Oracle Cards, Silver, Artist: Melissa Gay

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