Card For The Day

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Our card for the day, Thursday, May 23rd, is taken from the Magical Messages From the Fairies Oracle Cards – Birthday – “A significant birthday holds the answer to your question”.

Seems a few of us have been asking questions that we are waiting for the answers to and being told to be patient and so on. This card is telling us that a birthday, ours or someone we are close to, holds the key to our answers. It could be that we will have the answer by our birthday, or we might meet someone who could be a direct answer or hold the answer to our question on or before our birthday, or at a birthday celebration. Birthdays are also associated with births of course, the birth of a new baby in our lives, or the birth of a new project or career. Whatever this card may mean to us individually, be open to whatever may show itself to us in answer to our questions. The next important birthday for me, July 17th, is the birthday of my beloved Twin Flame. So it will be interesting to see what happens on or around that day. For those of you with birthdays coming up soon, don’t forget to celebrate! Have a great day everyone. ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from Magical Messages From The Fairies, Birthday, Judy Mastrangelo

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