Card For The Day

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Our card for the day, Friday, May 24th, is taken from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards – Share – “When you share, everyone feels happy.”

I think we all know by now that when we share what we have with others, especially those less fortunate, it makes them feel good and we also feel good about ourselves for having given. We live in a world where we are so afraid of our own survival that we often hold onto things in fear that there won’t be enough at some future time. However I would venture to say that most of us have more than we need of some things, that we could share or give away to charity what is a surplus in our own lives. Giving or sharing isn’t only about the sharing of material things, it is also about sharing our love, our knowledge, our gifts and our joy with others as well. This can be done in the simplest of ways, like a smile or a kind word to a stranger, or telling someone we love how much we appreciate them, or the sharing of important information and the sharing of the truth. We have been living in a world of separation, separation from each other and even from ourselves, who we truly are. That separation is ending and we can help it dissolve by helping each other, sharing our resources and our talents so that all benefit and not just a few. So as we go about our days, let’s try to find ways we can share with our neighbors, our friends, our families and with strangers we meet as we travel our paths. Let’s break down the walls that keep us divided and fearful, and remember, we are all one so what we do for the least of us we do for all of us.

One card jumped the deck as I was shuffling the cards and that card is Laughter – “You need a good laugh!”

Pretty self-explanatory I think! Sometimes we take life so seriously that we forget to have fun. We can go back to that card of a few days ago, Playfulness. As this is coming up again it must be important for us to take the time to do something we enjoy, something that makes us feel good and something that sets free the child inside us all to have fun and laugh. I know I need it and if I do then perhaps a lot of you do as well. Take some time each day to have some fun and find something that makes you laugh!

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards, Share, Artist: Thea Olrog

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