Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Tuesday, June 4th, is taken from the Magical Messages From The Fairies – Be Yourself – “This situation calls for you to be your authentic self, which is the basis for your personal power.”

Throughout our lives on planet earth, we all have many roles that we play, for example daughter/son, granddaughter/grandson, friend, girl/boyfriend, husband/wife, mother/father, employee/boss and on and on. Yet in all of these roles we play, how many of them are our authentic selves?

Our parents are our first teachers along with any older siblings and extended family we may have. Then we are placed into the education system, and that along with our religious upbringing teaches us how to be responsible people who will go on to be productive members of our society. So much of who we are is learned and not experienced. Many of us think how we have been taught to think. Any deviation from the “norm” has been frowned upon by our families, our peers and society at large. How much of what we have been taught has been passed down from generation to generation without ever being questioned? How many of us know who we truly are, what we like and what we believe, not the stuff that has been pretty much forced-fed to us since we were born?

For those of us on this spiritual path who are waking up to the truth of who and what we really are, the process of self-discovery can be sometimes difficult and sometimes exciting. We realize we don’t believe in the things that we have been taught to believe in without question. Sometimes we find that we don’t like some of the things we thought we did. We are learning that we have gifts and talents that we didn’t know we possessed. We are discovering our creative potential that was up till now left unexplored. We are discovering that doing what is expected of us isn’t as rewarding as we thought it was because we lived our lives almost as robots up to the time of our awakening. Once we have awakened, we sometimes still carry on with our learned behavior, but we are beginning to break free and be who we want to be, and do what we want to do, and that often flies in the face of all that we have been taught.

Now as we move forward on our paths it is more important than ever to be true to ourselves, to who we truly are, and stop hiding who we are for fear of being ridiculed. Some of us have lost friends because of our awakening, some of us have had to distance ourselves from some family members. Some of us have given up jobs that were not aligned with who we are discovering we are inside ourselves. It’s not been an easy path and no one ever said it would be. So who are we, why are we here, what is this awakening really about?

We are love, and we are here to be love in this world. It’s really that simple. Who we are is beautiful and expansive and powerful. We were created to be God’s or Creator’s or the Universe’s (whatever term you feel most comfortable with) love in the world. To love this world free of the prison it has been caught in for thousands of years. We are here to learn what love is and in turn to give that love back to the rest of humanity and to all living things on this planet.

So many have forgotten what love is and also feel separated from the love of our Creator. We are here to show them that they are not, nor have they ever been, separated from God’s love. If we knew how loved each and every one of us truly is, we would never question anything ever again. We would know that we are cared for and our every need will be met. All we need do is be the love we were created to be in the world and allow what reflects the love of our being to come to us. We will find that the right people are put on our path for us to meet. We will release all that no longer serves us and find ourselves in new situations, circumstances, relationships and jobs that now reflect who we truly are.

It’s time now to let go of what no longer serves us and then be open to what will reflect to us all that we are. It’s time to be our true selves and stop hiding behind some false self or mask in fear of being laughed at or thought crazy. It is time to find what makes us happy because when we are happy with and love ourselves, then we have so much more to give to the world, to those whose lives we touch every day. And the world NEEDS for us to be ourselves, to be the love of our beings now more than ever before. So be yourself and have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from Magical Messages From The Fairies, Be Yourself, Artist: Marius Michael-George

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