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Our card for the day, Monday, June 10th, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards – Ace of Water – ” Falling in love or the resurgence of a relationship. Spiritual growth and enhanced intuition. A new home.”

Aces represent new beginnings. The start of a cycle or project or endeavor.

The suit of Water represents the depth of our emotions, it’s where we fall in love, nurture our children, and open our hearts to deep feelings. Water also represents love, romance, relationships, family, dreams, and desires.

According to Elizabeth Peru, we are now entering the shadow period before the Mercury Retrograde which happens in 2 weeks. “This is the shadow period, where people from the past pop in, old issues arise, deja vous happens, etc. Become aware of what major themes are coming up for you now. What the next 2 weeks brings will be what you are personally healing & working on when Mercury turns retrograde June 25/26 for 3 weeks”. We are now into the Neptune Retrograde which will continue till mid November “we can expect to be delving into the unknown, illusory, spiritual & mystical more than ever!” (

I find it interesting that both of these periods have us delving deep into our psyches, dealing with hidden emotions and old issues recurring yet again. I don’t know about all of you but I can tell you that rehashing what I thought I had healed is getting OLD! I think that’s a pretty common theme of the Mercury Retrograde. However the Neptune Retrograde will have us delving into the unknown, the spiritual and the mystical. And what does our card for the day say? “resurgence of a relationship” which is certainly a repeating pattern and I know it has been that way for me in the past. The other thing our card for the day says is “spiritual growth and enhanced intuition” which I think qualifies as delving into the unknown, spiritual & mystical”. In Roman mythology Neptune (Greek: Poseidon) was the God of the Sea and here we are with the Ace of Water. Please, tell me this is just a coincidence! I’m saying all of this because there is a reason why a certain card shows up over another one.

So what we will find over the next few weeks and months is that we will plumb the depths of our emotions and our subconscious to find anything that remains within us that keeps us from being the love we were created to be. Hidden beneath the surface of our emotions and thoughts are often deep seated fears of our worthiness to receive love, our own love for ourselves or some other person’s love for us. Often it is something that came up in a previous relationship. Something that may have kept that relationship from working out and in the process shook our belief in ourselves. For the majority of the people on this planet today, issues surrounding abandonment are the biggest issues we face. I know it’s certainly a big issue for me. I can’t even say why it is an issue for me because I come from a loving family with a rather large extended family. Maybe it doesn’t come from physical proximity as much as from emotional absence. Sometimes we can be in a crowd of people, even family, and still feel completely and utterly alone. Maybe it comes from a past life. Or perhaps it comes from being transformers of negative or fear-based energies from the collective consciousness. I really have no idea.

What will happen over the period of time we are talking about here is that we will be faced again and again with the issues inside each of us that need healing. As these recurring issues come up, we are given the chance to look deeper into them until we can find the core of the problem. Only then can we heal it once and for all so that we won’t have to keep re-experiencing the same issue. This will lead to our spiritual growth. Remember that these old issues that stem from fear and doubt can’t be taken with us into the new higher vibration reality. As we heal the fears and doubts that surface from deep inside us, this will create changes in how we perceive our reality. As our perception of reality changes, what shows up for us also changes. The people and circumstances that have caused us to feel fear, fear of falling in love because we fear being hurt, fear of putting ourselves out there because we fear being ridiculed, fear of trying something because we fear failure, and so on, those people and those circumstances will also change. What no longer fits our new perceptions of ourselves and our reality we fall away and new people and new circumstances will present themselves to us.

This is why these retrogrades, these opportunities, come around, to give us another chance, and another chance, and yet another chance, to do the inner work on ourselves, to heal what needs to be healed, so that we can move on to become the person we were each created to be. As we heal and change so then shall our reality change and then, and only then, will we see the true reality that already exists all around us. Change your perception, change your reality. Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, Ace of Water, Artist: Steve A. Roberts


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