Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Saturday, June 15th, is taken from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards – Happy Surprise – “Something very good is about to happen!”

Don’t we all love surprises especially when they are good? It seems the energies of late are building to something wonderful. It may not appear wonderful at first but everything that happens now is bringing us closer to our goal, that of a new earth that is peaceful, prosperous and abundant for all. A world of love and beauty where all live together in harmony with each other and with our Mother, the earth. Take a moment and just imagine what that would be like. Our imaginations are powerful tools of creation. By imagining what the new earth will be like, our every wish for it, and then allowing ourselves to feel the emotions we would feel when it happens, those images and those emotions are helping us bring that new world into our physical reality. We are literally creating Heaven on Earth in our time, in this place.

I love the photo on this card because it shows a little child looking out her window at a beautiful Unicorn. She doesn’t care if Unicorns are only magical creatures and don’t “really” exist. She trusts her own eyes and her own heart and believes in the magic that she is witnessing. Do you believe in magic? I do! If we have the eyes and heart of a child, magic really does exist. It exists if we only believe.

I have a guided meditation that I like to do. It leads me along a stone path through a green forest out into a grassy meadow. As I continue following the path it leads towards a white stone bridge that crosses a laughing brook. On a hill on the other side is a majestic white castle that gleams in the sunlight. It’s a beautiful day and the air is sweet and pure and golden in this light. There are many fragrant flowers in the meadow and on the hill where the castle stands. The colors are brilliant and not like anything we have seen on this earth. I’m not in a hurry as I walk this path to the bridge and when I reach the bridge and start to cross it, I stop and look over the rail at the water gurgling and laughing as it flows between the grassy banks on either side. The sunlight sparkles on the water and dances across it’s surface as I watch. I hear another sound as I stand there, it is the welcome neighing of my own Unicorn, Leila, who is waiting on the shore for me. I always bring her an apple as a treat and she knows I have one with me now. Oh she is so beautiful and as I wrap my arms around her neck she nuzzles my shoulder. It is a warm welcome home that she is giving me. I pet her and she snuffles my pocket for the apple. Once I give her the apple I continue my journey along the path that now leads up the hill to the castle.

As I reach the doors of the castle they swing inward welcoming me inside. I enter into a long hallway and it is so bright and beautiful. There are many tall windows along one wall that let it the sunlight. There are sofas and chairs that form several sitting areas with a beautifully carved wooden table at the center of each grouping. The wood gleams in the sunlight and on each table is a vase of fresh picked flowers that fill the room with their aroma. At the far end is a tall golden door and off to one side there is a piano. There are angels there and members of my family, my soul family, that I have not seen in a long time. They are all full of joy and laughter and all want a hug or to hold my hand for a second as I move along the hallway. Then I come to stand in front of the tall golden door and as I approach it, the door swings inward. There stands Father. He beckons me in, embraces me warmly and kisses my cheek. He tells me how happy He is that I have come for a visit. We talk and He asks how I am. I tell Him that I am lonely and I want to come home, but He assures me that all will be well and it won’t be much longer. He tells me I must go back because my work is not yet done, but not to worry because I will be home again in time for supper. Then He hugs me again and I leave to retrace my steps back down the path to the bridge that leads across the brook and back into the meadow. As I move through the forest I find myself once again sitting in my chair, now filled with warmth and love that I have brought back with me from my visit home.

We all have the ability to create inner worlds where we can go to visit loved ones or pets or any place we can imagine really. However we have been told that “day dreaming” is a waste of time. I don’t agree. Our imaginations and the places we create in them, the experiences we have there, are just as real, perhaps more real, than this reality. Perhaps this reality is the illusion, a reality we are all dreaming together. Now it’s time to wake up from this dream and find that the world we are all longing for already exists right here, right now. All we have to do is believe! Wouldn’t that be a happy surprise? Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Magical Unicorns Oracle Cards, Happy Surprise, Artist: Norisa Anderson

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