Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Thursday, June 20th, is taken from the Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards – Child – “You care deeply about children, and they readily respond to your love. All children, including your own inner child, require love, affection, and attention. We can clear and open your heart and schedule so that you can give more time and energy to the children who need you.”

For many of us, our time with our own children comes only after we come home from work most days. And at that time most of us are too tired to do anything much except prepare supper, get their homework done, baths taken and then it’s bedtime for them and sometimes us too. Sometimes the evenings are spent with taking our kids to this or that activity and so we don’t really even have that time with them. For many kids the babysitter or daycare worker is the one who spends the most time with our kids. In many ways I think that’s a sad comment on our society today. I know for most people there is no choice and I include myself in that category as for my working years my own daughter spent her days in daycare before she started school. Then it was school and then after-school daycare until I got off from work. For most of my daughter’s life I have been a single parent and her father has been rarely involved in her life. I know that is true of most single parents where we try to be both father and mother to our kids. If we are lucky we have a support system in the form of extended family who can sometimes pick up the slack that we ourselves can’t manage. With all this being said, it is so important to our children and their mental and emotional health that we spend as much time with them as we can. It’s not enough to tell them we love them if we don’t have the time with them to back it up.

Now let’s move away from our own children to those that don’t have families, like those in orphanages, or those who are in third world countries where they are literally starving to death, or those born of drug addicts who are in need of medical care and love. The children of this world are crying out to us for love and attention. It seems another sad comment on our society, and even the world at large, that we sit back and let the things that are happening to children everywhere happen. For most of us I know it’s a matter of sometimes not having the resources to help our own children much less take on another one or give to a charity that is supposedly helping children. Sometimes the money that is sent for a foster child through one of those agencies doesn’t all go to help the child we are sponsoring. However there is more than enough food in this world to feed every person living on this planet and still have some left over and yet so many children and people are starving to death. How do we change that? I don’t have an answer to that. There are however some great minds on this planet, some innovative people, who I’m sure would have some great ideas on how to change things, but it probably requires money which, for the average person, is in short supply. Maybe some of you have some ideas on what we could do. If so I welcome your comments to this post.

I do think that it will also come from our own visualization of a better world for all of us, for every single human being, and all life, on this planet. This of course takes us back to our card for yesterday, Visualize Success. Let’s make that part of our visualization practice, let’s visualize every child on this sweet earth having enough food to eat, a place to live, and a family who loves them. If we take care of the children then the entire world will be a better place for all of us. Remember the children are the future and they need us now. Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Daily Guidance From Your Angels Oracle Cards, Child, Artist: Kevin Roeckl

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