Card For The Day

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Our card for the day, Tuesday, July 2nd, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards – Queen of Fire – Confident, Warm Intelligent, and Graceful – “Stretch your wings and fly! Don’t underestimate yourself. Assert your independence and creativity.”

As I was shuffling the deck one card jumped out, that card is – Five of Fire – “Competing goals. Bothersome details. Conflict with others.”

– The suit of Fire represents our ideas and inspirations; it’s where we feel passion, display amazing creativity, and set our dreams into motion.

– The number 5 represents – A significant change is occurring, always for the better. It’s a good idea to call upon Heaven for help with life changes.”

The energies on this planet right now are crazy with the Mercury retrograde, and the other retrogrades, and so on. People are having wild mood swings, up one minute and down the next, for no reason that they can see. Tempers are short as everyone experiences these highs and lows and that will create some conflict. All we need do is look at the news. This is definitely not a good time for signing contracts or making major life decisions if we can possibly avoid it. Everything seems to be at cross purposes as we can see by the Five of Fire. Things are changing rapidly and they are going to continue to change rapidly. A post came in earlier and the title of it is “We cannot issue hardhats”. I will post it here in a bit but I thought it was an interesting title. We are in the midst of great change on our beautiful planet. We are under construction so hard hats are required. This is a good time to get quiet as much as possible to calm our own emotions and find that inner stability that we all need right now. It’s also a very good time to have patience with our fellow man as many still don’t understand what is happening here.

This is where the Queen of Fire comes in. We are being asked to handle this period of change with grace and confidence. We are the ones who will help lead the rest of the world through these changes. We are all blessed with intelligence and creativity and those attributes will be called into play as things move forward. This is not a time to play small and hide our true selves. Now more than ever we need to be who we are, use our gifts and talents to help this process of change happen as smoothly as possible for ourselves and our loved ones. As we do that then it will move out into our neighborhoods and communities and further on out into the world. Every lightworker is needed now to hold the light and to shine that light for all the world to see. Our new reality will rise like a phoenix from the ashes in spite of the chaos that seems to be taking over. The old needs to fall to make room for the very very new and all of it will cause some chaos as it happens. Just remember who you are and why you are here. We all know what we are and what we brought from home when we answered the call. Now we must open ourselves to the love we are and let that love be the balm on the chaos, on the fear that change engenders in us all. Change is inevitable and in this case welcomed. Remember to keep our thoughts focused on what we want to create and hold that vision in the midst of the changes occurring around us. It’s time to be strong and focused and calm because the world needs us all now, every last one of us. Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, Queen of Fire and Five of Fire, Artist: Steve A. Roberts

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