Card For The Day

Four of Earth

Our card for the day, Thursday, July 4th, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards – Four of Earth – “Being too frivolous or too cautious with money. Good business decisions. Giving to those less fortunate.”

– The suit of Earth represents the material world, careers, finances, health and taking care of Mother Earth.

– The number 4 represents: “The angels are with you. They send you the number 4 to reassure you that they’ve heard your prayers and are helping you.” (taken from Angel Numbers 101 by Doreen Virtue)

Sometimes we can go through phases when it comes to money, we feel good, everything is going well for us, so we spend spend spend. We feel bad because things are not so good, or the world financial news isn’t looking good, and we hoard our money. However this card is about finding a balance between unnecessary spending and going into panic mode and hoarding every penny.

Sometimes this can also apply to material possessions. Sometimes we are afraid to give things away because some day we might need them, I know because I’m famous for that myself. However there comes a time when we have so much “stuff” that there isn’t room in our closets for another item of clothes or no room left in the cupboards for one more dish. At some point we have to let go.

I am learning to like giving excess clothing or dishes or books (and I hate to part with books) to the Salvation Army or the local Diabetic Association. At least then I feel that I’m helping those less fortunate and giving to a worthy cause. There are many people who have so much less than we do and there are some who have nothing. When we give to those less fortunate it opens up space in our lives for more good to come to us.

It creates a positive flow if we can find the balance between giving, or spending, and hoarding. It is always a good thing to de-clutter our lives of things we don’t use, or clothes we don’t wear, or anything else that we have accumulated that is only taking up space. That will open up the positive flow of good into our lives.

When it comes to money here is something I found in an article called ‘Spending And The Law of Attraction’:

“Although restricting the resources we have increases the cycle of lack, spending more than we have will also create more problems. The last thing that you should do is use a credit card when you don’t have cash available.

When you do this you are setting up an energy deficit that will begin to eat away at not only the resources you have now, but any resources you may have coming in the near future! Instead, make it a point to spend only what you can afford to spend right now, and spend it wisely.

Purchase something that will bring greater joy and gratitude into your life, or even better – use your money in ways that can attract more money. Invest it in programs that will give you a greater return than a typical savings account, or consider starting a small home business to create another opening for abundance to enter your life.” (

There is a balance to be had and when we find it we are then in that flow of giving and receiving. Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, Four of Earth, Artist: Steve A. Roberts

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