Card For The Day


Before I get to the card for the day, I would like to say that I may not be able to do the readings as often as I would like, depending on the day, and how I feel emotionally and physically. So please bear with me as I too go through the changes many of us are experiencing at this time.

Our card for the day, Tuesday, July 9th, is taken from the Messages From Your Angels – Isaiah – “It is a good time to give birth to new ideas and situations in your life. I am watching over you, guiding you, and protecting you during these changes.”

This time in the earth’s history, that we are all living in right now, is all about change, some good and some not so good but change none the less. The earth herself is changing and that means that all life on her is changing too, including us humans. We are intimately connected to the earth and all life so what happens to her and with her is also going to create changes in us as well, like the changes in our DNA and the rewiring of our brains. The earth’s magnetic field is also changing and as our hearts also have magnetic fields, this is helping to change us. It’s taking us to the next level, the Golden Age and the new human, but it’s not always going to be easy as we already know.

Part of the changes are related to humanity waking up. That is what is causing the upheaval we see in Egypt and other countries. It is what is also causing the economic crisis that is being seen all over the world as well, along with government changes and environmental changes. Then we have the solar activity in the form of solar flares and solar wind, and the movement of the stars in the heavens. Is it any wonder we are feeling strange sensations in our bodies or that our emotions are sometimes all over the place? People handle it differently and many are on edge, or feeling a lot of stress, or feeling unexplained sadness and depression. There are some who are feeling great but I think they might be the minority. We are all going through a cleansing process of sorts as all that is in us that keeps us from being the love we are comes up to be healed, hopefully for the last time. So there are many changes taking place on an individual level as well as on a global level.

As we go through these changes individually and globally, we will find ourselves needing to make changes or adjustments to our day to day lives. Many are losing jobs or homes or other things that they have grown accustomed to having and have identified themselves with. Many are losing loved ones whether through death or just a parting of the ways so to speak. Many people are leaving the planet at this time by choice so we must respect their choice to return home, often to continue their work now from the other side. Those who fall away because of a change in the connection we had with them are just part of this process too. Our very vibrations are changing and so what resonates with our new vibrations will be drawn to us now and what doesn’t resonate will fall away. It can be hard to bear these changes, and it is a necessary part of the process to grieve the losses, so we need to allow ourselves to do so without guilt. However all of this will lead to our being given new opportunities, new people and new situations.

Now is also the time to open up to our own creativity and our dreams, our life purpose is related to both. As we do so, we are creating the life we have always wanted to live, the work we have always wanted to do, with these new people and opportunities. This is where holding that vision of our dream life comes into play and remaining focused on that so that we are creating the life we want and staying out of fear. Know that whatever changes you are experiencing are for the better even if it doesn’t feel like it right now. We have so much help around us in the form of our guides and angels so that all we need do is ask for help and guidance and it will be given. No one is walking their path alone, we are all so very loved and so very cared for that if we could see who walks with us, we would be amazed and filled with wonder and joy. So don’t fear the changes, embrace them and watch what happens with an open heart and mind. Remember that even in this moment when it seems like our world is falling apart, “All is perfect, all is well”, it is all part of God’s grand design! Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Messages From Your Angels, Isaiah, artist: Carolyn McFarlin

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