Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Wednesday, July 10th, is taken from the Magical Messages From The Fairies – Express Your Individuality – “Allow your true self to shine because you’re awesome!”

Isn’t it true that we almost always keep our true selves hidden because we don’t want to appear different so people will like us? That holds especially true when we meet a prospective mate doesn’t it? We like to think we are putting our best foot forward when in truth we are hiding behind a mask. We all do it. It’s part of human nature in our society.

We have been brought up to not talk about certain things because people won’t understand or will be offended. We are taught to dress a certain way because it’s what’s acceptable and if we wear what we want to wear then it is most likely inappropriate and people will think we are odd or eccentric. Fashion dictates what we wear and how we should look. We are taught how to behave a certain way, to think a certain way, and to be a certain way, from the time we are children to adulthood. I would venture to say that most of us don’t have any idea who we truly are inside, beneath this veneer we have learned to hide behind. We are all carbon copies of each other for the most part.

Now is the time to change all that. Now is the time to let our authentic self out and if we are not sure who that is then it’s time to start experimenting to find out. It’s time to forget what other people might think or what society dictates as acceptable or normal. It’s time to wear what we want to wear and think what we want to think and be who we want to be. If we have the courage to be who we are then the world won’t fall apart, it might actually fall back together in a better way. Who we are is not a carbon copy of someone else, we are all created unique, we are one of a kind. If we let the beautiful beings of love and light that we truly are out, then perhaps we will give others the courage to do the same. The world needs us to be authentic, to be our true selves because who we are is truly awesome! Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Magical Messages From The Fairies, Express Your Individuality, Artist: Delight Prescott

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