Card For The Day


Our card for the day, Tuesday, August 20th, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards – King of Water – “Open your heart and mind to those around you. Trustworthy and heartfelt advice. Charity work.”

The suit of Water represents the depth of our emotions, it’s where we fall in love, nurture our children, and open our hearts to deep feelings. Water also represents love, romance, relationships, family, dreams, and desires.

I signed up for Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s 21 day meditation challenge on how to create miraculous relationships. Today is day 15 of the challenge and what I have been learning is that we need to be open with the people in our lives, whether that is a person we run into at the grocery store or our families and friends. We can’t have miraculous relationships if we are closed off, if we have built walls around our hearts to keep people out. So many of us are afraid to trust because our trust has been betrayed in the past, we are afraid to love because love doesn’t always last and the one we loved leaves us in one way or another. So we put up walls to keep ourselves from feeling the pain of love lost or betrayed.

However, and I say this from experience, closing the doors of our hearts to love will only hurt us in the long run. We need to have meaningful relationships, we need love, to survive. Maybe it didn’t work out with this one or that one, but every relationship is a stepping stone to learning about love within ourselves and about what we want in a relationship and what we don’t.

Every relationship we have mirrors back to us the state of our own being at the time. Some relationships are meant to show us the blocks we have inside ourselves to being the love we were created to be. When our partner does something that drives us nuts, it’s because it triggers something in us that we need to work on. It is our job to find out what that something is and do the work to heal it and release it. This is how we learn and grow as spirit. It is hard yes, and painful too, but it is necessary for us to evolve. The next relationship will lead us upward if we have learned the lessons from the previous one. If not then we are doomed to repeat the same kind of issues in our next relationship that we experienced in our last, until we learn the lesson, until we get it.

Remember we draw to us what we are, so if we don’t like the relationships we have found ourselves in, then it is time to find out who we are and what we want and what we have to give in our relationships. The more we understand about ourselves, the more love we give to ourselves, the better our relationships become. Sometimes this means not being in a relationship for a time, spending time with ourselves, exploring our own inner being, before we can be with someone else.

Every person comes into our life for a reason, every relationship is a gift, from the shortest to the longest, from the least to the greatest. If we approach our relationships with an open heart and mind, we are better equipped to create miraculous relationships, not only with others but also with ourselves. Be sincere, give of yourself to everyone you meet, give the love inside you to all beings, that’s what it’s there for, that’s what we are here for, to be in relation with all people, all life, and ourselves. Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, King of Water, artist: Steve A. Roberts.


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