Card For The Day

King of Michael

Our card for the day, Tuesday, November 19th, is taken from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards – King of Michael – “Wisdom and objectivity are important now! Stay in your integrity. A situation that calls for honest and open communication.”

The Suit of Michael represents our ability to think our way clear of our challenges and to soar to new heights of brilliance. These cards signal issues regarding communication, speaking our truths, and freeing ourselves of our illusions of being trapped. Archangel Michael is a protector and guardian of all of the world’s people, and a champion of truth and justice. (taken from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards guidebook)

We sometimes find ourselves in situations when being honest and telling the truth can be difficult and it might save pain or trouble for us to not be truthful. However no relationship can be built on lies even though some would advise us to be silent or tell a “white” lie. This can be in a romantic relationship, a family or friend relationship, or a business relationship. Whatever situation we find ourselves in, it is important to always be honest, even if we believe that the truth will never be disclosed by us or anyone else. The truth has a way of coming out though, maybe not now or tomorrow, but at some point it always does come out. Far better to be up front and honest in the first place.

This card says to stay in our integrity and that is not just in our relationships with other people but with ourselves as well. There are times when we refuse to face the truth of a situation because we are afraid to, usually because we don’t want to be hurt, or facing the truth will make us uncertain about our future. However, again, being honest with ourselves now will likely save us a lot of heartache down the road. Closing our eyes to something we don’t want to face doesn’t make it go away. Better to face it now and deal with the consequences on our own terms than to be blindsided by it later.

We also have the choice to be who we truly are in any situation or with any person. We need to be our authentic selves now more than ever. Every day we face new challenges and being our authentic selves gives us the tools we possess to deal with any situation that might arise. Hiding our truth, who we are, what we can do, our powers and our light serves no one, not even ourselves. Often we hide because we don’t want to appear odd or strange or different. Many of us have faced that all our lives and so we have become very good at hiding our true selves in order to protect ourselves and to “fit in”. That time has long passed now and it is time to be our beautiful, magnificent, powerful selves because the world and humanity needs us.

I’m just going to share something with you all that has been on my mind and goes along with this topic. I have the power to affect the weather. I have had this since I was very young but I put it away for a long time. I have pulled it out a few times over the past couple of years, since a time a few years ago where major storms were coming up the eastern seaboard, some that had the potential to be another Katrina if they made landfall. The call went out on some of the Lightworker sites that was subscribed to at the time, for those of us who could to please use our powers to weaken these storms and to push them further out to sea away from land and people. Up till then I had forgotten my own power but I brought it forward and dusted it off, and along with other Lightworkers, we were able to either weaken the storms or move then out to sea and avoided another catastrophe like Katrina.

Ordinarily this is not something I talk about and not many know I can even do that. It’s been about 3 years or more since I have used that power because I always feel that what happens with the weather needs to happen for the most part. However with the typhoon that hit the Philippines and caused such devastation and loss of life, I did nothing. I didn’t even think about even being able to do anything about it until it was over. It didn’t even come to me because I had forgotten again the power I possess. I didn’t even hear about anyone trying to lessen that typhoon or move it. I have been feeling remorse ever since. I prayed about the typhoon before and after it hit, and I prayed for the people who were lost and those who were left to rebuild their lives. BUT, was there anything I might have done to lessen the impact or even move it away from populated areas? I don’t know but I do wish I had remembered what I have the ability to do so that maybe the impact could have been less.

So the question is, what if I had not been hiding my ability to affect the weather? What if I had been true to myself and who I am instead of being afraid of what others might think of me? This is an extreme case to be sure but what if hiding who we are does more harm than we can imagine? I believe this is why we need to stay in our integrity now, to help where we can, to prevent catastrophes if we are able. We all have powers or abilities but we need to be open and ready to use them when the situation calls for it. I follow Drunvalo Melchizedek, he is an author and a lecturer with several videos on Youtube. I remember watching a video in which he said that he along with a small group of people were able to clear the smog and pollution from the sky of a small city or town, just by meditating together and focusing their intent on doing just that! We are much more than we have been led to believe we are. We have been told for centuries that we are insignificant and helpless (or useless). We are not! We are powerful beings of light who have just forgotten who we are and what we can do if we set our minds to it. So let us stay in our integrity and use our wisdom to help in whatever situations we find ourselves in and in whatever capacity that might be. Have a good day everyone! ~Namaste~

Artwork taken from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards, King of Michael, artist: Jeff Bedrick

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