Card For Today

Eight of Michael

Our card for today, Sunday, April 13th, is taken from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards – Eight of Michael – “You can be free! Make a courageous choice to change your situation. Not seeing things clearly.”

The Suit of Michael represents our ability to think our way clear of our challenges and to soar to new heights of brilliance. These cards signal issues regarding communication, speaking our truths, and freeing ourselves of our illusions of being trapped. Archangel Michael is a protector and guardian of all of the world’s people, and a champion of truth and justice. (taken from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards guidebook)

The number 8 represents: “The number 8 signifies abundance and prosperity. The endless loops in the number signify an infinite flow of money, time, ideas, or whatever else you require (especially for your life purpose).” (Angel Numbers 101)

We often feel trapped by our circumstances. We would do this or that if we had the money, or we would be happy if we just had this or that person or thing. Archangel Michael is here to tell us that the only thing that puts limits on us is ourselves. You see we have just forgotten how powerful we are, that we are the creators of our own reality, and the only thing that puts limits on us is our buying into what this illusion has taught us, that we are insignificant, that we have zero control over our reality, and that nothing we do makes a difference. Wrong!

We are powerful beings of Light and Love and it is time for us to remember that, to remember who and what we are and where we came from. We are not limited by anything once we remember that. We have the power to change our realities with our thoughts and words. Remember this is a vibrational universe and it is always responding to our vibration and to what we put out there in terms of where we place our focus.

If we talk and think about all the negative things that have happened to us in the past or that could happen to us in the future, then of course we only draw more and more of that to us because that is where our vibration is, it’s what we are a match to. If however we change our thoughts to be more focused on what we want to see in our lives, and also change our words so that instead of talking about how broke we are, or how sick we feel, and so on, we now talk about how great we feel and how thankful we are for all the good in our lives, even if technically it isn’t quite true, yet, then we are drawing more of the things that make us feel happy and grateful to us. I know we have talked and talked about this but it bears repeating until we all get it.

Once we understand how powerful we are then we will never be held captive again by our circumstances. We will KNOW that we are the creators of everything in our lives, and I do mean EVERYTHING, no exceptions, and we will KNOW what is needed from us to make the necessary changes so that we begin living the lives of our dreams, not only for ourselves but for all humanity. It’s time to stop seeing ourselves as victims and start BEing our authentic selves, the powerful creators of our own lives.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ AuroraLightStar

Artwork taken from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards, Eight of Michael, artist: Jeff Bedrick

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