Card For Today



1 Manifest
Our card for today, Friday, May 23rd, is taken from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck – # 1 Manifest – Keywords: Act, create, focus, magic, clarity, and intent.

1 symbolizes beginnings, leadership, courage, willpower, independence, victory, pride, obstinacy, and aggressiveness.

Black symbolizes power, authority, potential, protection, questions, unknown, overwhelmed, fear, and unhappiness.

We all have the power within us to manifest whatever it is our hearts desire. This is not news to us as we have been receiving messages for some time that we are the creators of our own lives. We also know that this creation is based on our thoughts, and on our focus, or intent. We know that if we want to change our lives, we have to change what we think and talk about. This creation process can also be used to manifest love in our lives. It’s the same process.

However there are a couple of things to take into consideration with this type of manifestation. It is possible to draw a particular person to us if we focus on them hard and long enough. BUT, what we need to ask ourselves is this, will our desire for this person harm him or her or anyone else? Is it for the highest good of that person, ourselves and all others involved?

When manifesting love it would be better to focus on the qualities we would like our partner or soul mate to have. Make a list of the characteristics we would like to see in our beloved, but don’t put a face on this one. Focus on the kind of person our partner should be, not on what he or she looks like, or on a particular person. When we do that, we limit the universe in bringing to us the perfect mate for us. When we have our hearts set on someone in particular, it is difficult for the universe to bring to us who would be a better match for us.

We also need to allow the manifestation to take place. I went to see Mike Dooley give a talk a couple of years ago and he talked about this lady who was so wanting to find a man, a partner. So he asked her if there was room in her life for this partner. Did she have room in her closet for his things, was there room in the cabinet in the bathroom for his toiletries? You get the idea. So she went home and made room for a man in her life by making room in her closet, and dresser drawers, and so on, for his things. Then she started placing an extra place setting on the table for this imaginary man when she would sit to eat a meal.

He went on to say that after a few months had passed, he saw her again at one of his talks and this time she had a man with her who she introduced as her boyfriend. A few months later he saw her again and this time they were married! So you see, it might seem crazy to be preparing for someone who has yet to arrive in our lives but is it really crazy? Remember the universe is responding to our vibration at all times and it doesn’t distinguish between “reality” and “fantasy”, so what we spend time “imagining”, or “pretending to already have, the universe will bring to us. It’s all in our attitude, what we place our focus on, what we think about, and what we tell ourselves.

It’s time now for us to get busy with manifesting all the things our hearts desire. The energies right now are potent with magic. Remember there is no limit on what we can have or do or be except the limit we place on ourselves. Happy manifesting!

Affirmation: “I use my power to manifest deliberately and with clear intent”

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ AuroraLightStar

Artwork taken from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Cards, Manifest, artist: John Matson

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