Card For Today

5 Win or Lose

Our card for today, Thursday, May 29th, is taken from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck – 5 Win or Lose – Key Words: Disagreement, ego, detach, and love.

5 symbolizes: Freedom, transformation, sensuality, desire, change, resistance, uncertainty, inconsistency, and sadness. (The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Guidebook)

Indigo border symbolizes: wisdom, empowerment, personal insight, perception, problem solving, understanding, solitude and depression. Indigo is associated with the Third Eye Chakra. (The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Guidebook)

This card is closely related to the card we had yesterday. We often find ourselves at odds with the people in our lives. Often it is a battle of wits with one person trying to prove the other person is wrong and they are right. These battles have nothing to do with love because as soon as it starts it’s every man and woman for him or herself. The ego takes over and everything the other person has ever done that we perceived as wrong is brought up and flung at them with contempt and bitterness.

However in these kinds of battles, the stakes are usually very high. It can mean the end of the relationship. When we don’t take care with our words, we can damage the relationship beyond repair, we can hurt the other person to the extent that they can never forgive us. When two egos are involved in a battle of wits to determine who is right and who is wrong, this is never a win-win situation. Someone will win and someone will lose.

When we find ourselves at odds with our partner or friend or family member, can we try to let a calmer head prevail? Can we first think before we speak? Is what we have to say worth the loss of our relationship with this person? Can we look at them through the eyes of love and speak from that place instead of coming from the resentment and pain we are feeling in the moment? Can we say what we need to say in such a way that we are not placing blame on the other person or making them feel small? Is the price we might have to pay worth being right?

Just as we see the heart in the middle of this sword, can we find some middle ground where we give a little and then allow the other person to give a little too? By doing so we might just be able to say what needs to be said while allowing the other person to respond in kind. And just maybe we can find ourselves in a position where we both win and the relationship is saved, instead of one of us being right at the expense of losing the relationship altogether.

What is it we want, to win, to be right no matter what the cost, or to give a little and save the relationship? The choice is always ours.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ AuroraLightStar

Artwork taken from The Psychic Tarot for the Heart Oracle Deck, Win or Lose, artist: John Matson.

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