Card For Today

Embrace Change

Our card for today, Tuesday, July 1st, is taken from the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck by Kim Dreyer – 31 Embrace Change – “I move easily and confidently through the changes in my life.”

31 represents: “The ascended masters ask you to look past all earthly illusions and see the Divine perfection within you, other people, and your current situation. As you see Divine perfection in your mind, it manifests externally in your relationships, career, health, and other life areas.” (Angel Numbers 101)

We all know from the previous readings, and from what is happening in our own lives, that changes are happening on every level of our reality. There is no escaping change, and, as they say about life on planet earth, change is the only constant. So it’s how we deal with the changes we face in our lives that keeps us balanced and at peace, or everyday fearing what is around the corner.

Perhaps it would help if we looked at change as not only inevitable but also as part of our soul’s growth, which it is of course. Everything that happens to us or around us is all part of the Divine Plan for not only our own lives but for humanity and the planet as a whole. Change keeps life from becoming stagnant. Change brings in new opportunities for us to stand in our power as creators of our own reality.

Everything that is happening to us and around us we have helped create through our own thoughts and focus, as well as the thoughts and focus of the collective consciousness. However there really are no mistakes even if things seem to go from bad to worse sometimes. What we have to remember is that we are clearing any and all negative energy from not only ourselves, but from all life and the planet herself. We are rising up in vibration into a new and higher dimension and anything that doesn’t resonate with that new frequency has to go.

So while we look around us, from our own lives to the lives of those around us, and what occurs in other places on the earth that are far removed from us, all of it is the playing out of the old energies so that the new vibration of peace and love can take it’s place. Make no mistake, there is a purpose behind everything that happens, even if we can’t see that purpose in the moment of living through whatever might be occurring. And so instead of fearing change, embrace it, and know that everything is working for the highest good of all.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ AuroraLightStar

Artwork taken from the Conscious Spirit Oracle Deck, Embrace Change, artist: Kim Dreyer

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