Dear Friends of Light,


Dear Friends of Light,

Yesterday, I came across some extremely graphic pictures of the horror being perpetrated against innocent victims in the Middle East. As I struggled to deal with the images being presented before me, I could not help but feel anger towards those who would do such things to little children and others.

Initially I thought this must be stopped, however after I let the entirety of the situation sink in, I soon realized that these inhumane acts of violence are not isolated to a certain sector of the world, they are occurring in varying degrees worldwide to too many people – babies , children, women, and men.
I began to think about the best way to approach this.
What can we, as concerned and responsible spiritual citizens do to help stop the violence?
Then it was brought to my attention, these acts of violence are not manmade.
Yes, they are acted out by man, but the true source of this violence is negative energy (evil) and it is only the (hu)man’s ego that (out of a position of fear) carries out evils intentions.
The human soul as created in the image and likeness of God, knows not of fear and would not act out in violence towards anyone or anything.

So, for me the answer is obvious, in order for these extreme acts of violence to stop, we must reduce or better yet completely eliminate evils influence on this planet. But how can this be accomplished?
I believe there are at least a couple of important steps that can be done.

Are you with me on this? It will take perseverance, spiritual strength, commitment, and action. All of these on a daily basis.

Here is what I have observed. Historically, when an evil act has taken place in the world, a group of people will get together (physically and through social media sites) to offer prayers of peace to help rectify the situation. And while these efforts are amazingly helpful and address the aftermath of an event, they are by their nature limited to the negative events recovery.

I believe in order to fully and completely reduce/eliminate negative energy’s influence on mankind, we need to take the prayers to the next level by offering our own energy daily to the voice of peace, reason and Love. Rather than being a victim to the results of negative energy, together we can focus our energy and be the champion to conquering evil before it arrives.

We have all been created in the Image, likeness, and with the spiritual fortitude of God.
We have the ability to influence energy on all levels, this is not fiction.
It is fact.
Studies into quantum physics have confirmed that energy can be changed just by focusing attention on it.
Knowing this, how can we not get energetically involved in defeating negative energy’s influence over the world?

However, as I shared, being a spiritual champion will require daily effort on the part of all of us.
Below I am offering a prayer verse as an example, please feel free to add/remove any part that you feel guided to, as the words are not as important as the energy and intention. I believe it is necessary for us to recite this prayer a minimum of two times a day. And while praying in a group does help, it is not necessary as once your prayer energy is expressed it does not disappear, it remains a part of the global collective communication with God.

Archangel Michael shares:
“Praying is like casting a vote to God. The more of you that vote for global peace, the more energy will be applied to obtain that change.”

A daily prayer to remove heavy energy’s influence.

“Dear God,
Creator of Everything that was, is, and remains to be
Giver of First Breath and Divine Presenter of Life.
I come to you now, freely, with my own energy
asking for your divine assistance in removing negative
energy from its influence over mankind.
Knowing that the experience has been offered,
the lessons have been learned and the need for this energy is no longer necessary.
I further request that you send your Angels to assist us with this removal.
That Archangel Michael use his sword of Divine Light to cut the cords of negative energy that has
held the human experience hostage for so long. That Archangel Raphael assist with the healing of all
wounds, physical, emotional, mental and spiritual that have been created by negative energy. That Archangel Gabriel assist with the communication between all people, so the words offered are expressed and received with Love. That Archangel Uriel remove the blinds from our physical eyes so that all people will see the beautiful Loving energy of God within themselves and all others.
I make this request, from that part of me that is a part of you.
In Love.”

In addition to this prayer, we must hold ourselves personally accountable to how we react when negative energy (in any form) comes into our lives. For example, if during the course of our day we receive a negative thought and decide to act out on it, then we have given evil a leg up.

I have heard it said that in order to remain spiritually positive, you must refrain from negative thought and only allow light energy to exist within you.
While this idea sounds wonderful, it is not realistic.
Please understand.
It is OK to have negative thoughts.
That is part of this amazing experience God has provided to us.
You see, your Soul is here to gain and grow from your actions
and the decisions you make.
So do not feel guilty for that negative thought.
I suggest you accept it, then brush it aside, acknowledging it for what it truly is.
Afterward replace that thought with the lighter and more positive thought your Soul is capable of and act on that one.

I believe the best of humanity still awaits us.
I believe we have the opportunity and the obligation to promote positive change.
I believe in a future world, where the hearts of mankind are aligned with the Souls of all Living Beings.
In this place, there is no difference between Love and life, for it is understood the two are innately intertwined.
In this Place, lives are not taken for the brief satisfaction of a parcel of land, money, food, clothing, or for entertainment.
In this Place, mankind has also come to the realization that their human form does not need to consume living/Loving beings for energy, as there is abundant energy all around.
In this Place, the marriage of freedom and compassion to Love and Truth, have created a world where everyone has the opportunity to live in peaceful tranquility and experience Heaven on Earth.

This place of the future is within our grasp, however to arrive there, we must be able to step out of the past and release the fear of change.

With the goal of utilizing social media to its fullest extent, I have created a petition on, where you can go and sign your name as a supporter of peace, love, and life.

Offered with Love to the Being of Light within You,
-Michael David Virtue-


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