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Our card for today, Thursday, April 23rd, is taken from the Angel Tarot Cards – Queen of Air – “Objective decision making. Clearing away all that no longer serves you. Seeing the humor in a situation.”

The Suit of Air represents our intellect. It’s where we make decisions, analyze situations, and give voice to our thoughts. Air is aligned with justice, truth, ideals, the legal system, communication, and other intellectual areas. (Angel Tarot Cards guidebook)

We are in a time of great change upon our planet. Changes that affect many levels of our reality and our own individual lives. There will be times when we will have to make decisions on how to proceed with our lives as new information that has been kept from us comes to light. This information will change the way we view our world and how our reality works. However this card is telling us that whatever decisions we must make should be done with a clear idea as to what will serve our own highest good and the good of those around us, especially those we love and hold dear.

As these changes occur, we are asked to not go into fear, although it will be our first instinct. Fear only clouds our judgment and keeps us from standing in our own power. As we become more aware of our true reality, many things that we thought were important will fall away, people will leave our lives and new ones will come in to replace them. Jobs will end to be replaced with a new way of earning a “living” based on what is best for the planet and all life on her. As we saw in our card for yesterday, many of us will feel the need to move to a new home or even to an entirely new location.

The changes that will come are good changes, not something to fear, but something to embrace as we finally learn who we truly are and why we are all here in the first place. As crazy as it will all seem, we are reminded to keep our hearts and minds open and to even see the humor in the situation. There will be much anger at the powers that be for keeping the truth from us. We will be asked to not seek revenge or retribution, but to forgive those who were responsible for keeping us in the dark. The energies on our planet are affecting all life and that includes these people we have trusted to have our best interests in mind when creating laws and so on. And so these same people will also become very aware of the role they have played and will seek forgiveness.

What will be needed is a true spirit of cooperation. We will ALL need to work together to heal our planet, Gaia, and all life on her. What is happening is the awakening of an entire planet and the beginning of the Golden Age. There will be no room for anger and hatred, there will only be a need to see that all life has the basic needs of survival and not only to survive but to thrive in this new world we will find ourselves in. We need to be aware that all is not the status quo we have known, and even though there is still much going on in our world that would say humanity hasn’t learned how to come together as one family under heaven, what we are indeed seeing is the playing out of the last of the old energies as they leave our reality.

Things are changing and they will continue to change until we have arrived on the new earth that is in fact already here. Our vibrations are just not high enough yet to see it, but that is changing too and it won’t be long before we find ourselves on a very new and beautiful world. This is not a time for fear, this is a time of preparation, and soon a time of celebration when we have finally arrived. So don’t get caught up in what seems to be going wrong on our planet and in our lives. Know that the changes are happening to make way for the new that we have all been working so hard for. Remember we have the power to create our reality and so let’s focus on what we want to create and let go of what no longer serves us.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin

Artwork taken from the Angel Tarot Cards, Queen of Air.

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