Comment About Depression

Okay so I have had a comment on the card for tomorrow that said “People with depression don’t have switches that can be turned on and off.” I responded that I suffer from depression myself from time to time. I gave a couple of ways for her to try to feel better based upon Abraham’s saying that when we are depressed we should first not keep talking about how we feel, because we tend to add to our own sadness and pain when we do so. Abraham also says that we should also try to spend more time outside, drink more water, move our body more and do more fun things. This person replied that depression is not a time to time thing, and then she removed herself from this page.

Now I will be the first to say that depression hurts, and my own daughter suffers from depression and anxiety, so believe me when I say I’m not making light of depression. However we are responsible for our own happiness. Make no mistake about that. So for those who suffer from depression and think that what Abraham says won’t work, why not try it? When I said to this person, that I suffer from depression from time to time, what I meant was that when I catch myself thinking depressed thoughts I put some effort into finding ways to make myself feel better. Some of the things I do are, I put on a funny movie, or watch a funny show, or play music that it would be very hard to stay down listening to it, or do something that I love to do. I find taking better care of my physical body by eating more fruit and veggies and yes drinking lots of water and getting out in the sunshine and fresh air, all these things do work for me.

I can’t speak for anyone else but please know that I am not making light of the subject of depression because I know what it is and how it affects us, and that is not who I am or what I am about. Abraham has a couple of short videos on Youtube where they talk about depression and ways to feel better. I recommend checking those out if you feel led to.

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2 thoughts on “Comment About Depression

  1. I found in my search for answers about my own depression that I had a kind of draw to the dark and gloomy. Something akin to being addicted to the high’s and low’s in life except that I seemed to enjoy self-pity.

    Some people are like I was (still can be) and do not want to let go of their dark experiences. It is a difficult road, the one that leads to the light, and some struggle more than others.

    Thank you, as always, for your insightful posts. I always enjoy them.


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