Card For Today

Five of Michael

Our card for today, Monday, June 1st, is taken from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards – Five of Michael – “This situation doesn’t serve you! Release your attachment to the outcome. Consider taking a more uplifting approach.”

The Suit of Michael represents our ability to think our way clear of our challenges and to soar to new heights of brilliance. These cards signal issues regarding communication, speaking our truths, and freeing ourselves of our illusions of being trapped. Archangel Michael is a protector and guardian of all of the world’s people, and a champion of truth and justice. (Archangel Power Tarot Cards guidebook)

5 represents – “A significant change is occurring, always for the better. It’s a good idea to call upon Heaven for help with life changes.” (Angel Numbers 101)

Often we find ourselves in situations or in relationships with people that do not serve who we are, but we hold onto them for dear life because we don’t like or are afraid of change. However we have to keep our hands and our hearts open and remember that not all things or people in our lives are there to stay, some only come to serve a purpose or teach a lesson and then move on. We have to keep this in the back of our minds at all times, and be willing to let go of what no longer serves us or of who needs to leave.

As we let go of what no longer serves us, we make space for new things and people to come into our lives that fit with who we are now and who we are becoming. People and things that are of a similar vibration or on a similar path to our own will find their way to us as long as we keep our thoughts positive and our hearts open to any changes that need to happen for our highest and best good. Remember nothing or no one new can come into our lives if we are clinging to the old that needs to leave.

Have a great day everyone! ~Namaste~

Love✲ ¸¸.•*¨¸.☆.¸*°˚ ˚
& Light ♫☯♪ ☼ Aurora & Star Twin

Artwork taken from the Archangel Power Tarot Cards, Five of Michael.

6 thoughts on “Card For Today

  1. Yes. Sometimes though, those people are family members and we cant let them go, but I think perhaps we can let go of the need of their approval and acceptance and in that way free ourselves from them spiritually if not physically 🙂 At least that is just what I thought ❤


    • Good point and very true Trini! What I do is limit my time with them as best I can. We can’t always let go or move on from some of the people in our lives but we can live and let live. I have had to give up discussing certain things around my father because he just doesn’t understand and thinks I’m out to lunch. Just the other day he found out about my card readings and wanted to know what kind of “trash” I was into now, lol. I didn’t worry about him finding out but he rejoined Facebook after a couple of years not being on there and I also have a Facebook page I post these readings on as well, and of course he saw my last one. Oh well, I have learned to just put up with his comments and let it go. Not always easy as he can be very determined and likes to give me a difficult time at times but I try not to let him bother me too much.


      • My father, my entire family is like that. So I did like you say a long time ago. I moved away. Now it is better 🙂 It comes back little when I have to be around them, but I don’t let it break me 🙂


    • I will have to reply to your second comment here as it won’t let me reply underneath what you said below for some reason. Yes I understand where you are coming from although most of my family, my mother, my sisters and my brothers, I won’t say they understand completely but they are more accepting of my beliefs and so on. My father is so rooted in the material world that he feels I have lost touch with “reality”. I used to go out there every Sunday for dinner but had to stop doing that as it was very trying on my nerves, lol. Now it’s mostly special occasions that I go.


      • Yes, I live in India, so I only see them once a year. What your father says sounds like my family. But I guess everyone has their own journey, and we just have to let go and let them walk the path they choose. One way or the other at some point of time their souls will catch up with them 🙂 ❤


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